HashiScript Thyroid & Immune Function Caps

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HashiScript is a patent-pending propriety blend of enzymes, minerals and antioxidants to support healthy thyroid and immune function* 

  • Directions: Take 2 capsules daily without regard to meals
  • HashiScript is Iodine Free
  • *Supports healthy immune and thyroid function*
  • Digestive enzymes for compromised intestinal permeability*
  • Contains 2 forms of glutathione for optimal liver detoxification*
  • Setria glutathione has been shown to increase NK cell activity two-fold*

    Can I take both HashiScript and Thyroid Script?

    A:  Yes.  Thyroid Script supports healthy levels of thyroid hormone, as well as adrenal gland function.*  HashiScript is an iodine-free blend of digestive enzymes and antioxidants that support healthy levels of peroxide.*  If you take both supplements, take ONE of them for several weeks, then add the other supplement in.*  Not everyone needs both of these supplements. Start with 1 cap, and add an additional capsule if desired.