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HashiScript® promotes healthy thyroid function, TPO levels and immune balancing.* It is a patented formula that blends 2 forms of glutathione one of which is the unique brand called Setria® glutathione, which has been shown to increase Natural Killer cell activity two-fold* HashiScript also contains protease enzymes for digestion, along with minerals, and antioxidants.

HashiScript® contains digestive enzymes which supports food metabolism, especially in the presence of high intestinal permeability.* The special blend of ingredients are thoughtfully placed into acid-resistant capsules for exceptional tolerability and absorption.* The addition of DPP-IV is a unique, and effective way to help those suffering with intestinal permeability issues, specifically those involving gluten and casein. 

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Vitamin D an immuno-supportive antioxidant 

Selenium a mineral antioxidant

Bromelain is a pineapple-derived digestive protease enzyme

Setria® Reduced Glutathione for body health and antioxidant protection

S-acetyl Glutathione for brain health it can penetrate the blood-brain barrier

Catalase an antioxidant for peroxide breakdown

Pancreatin enzyme for more comfortable enhanced protein digestion

BioCore® DPP-IV Protease enzyme to help reduce dairy and gluten absorption

Pepsin supports protein digestion

DR™ Caps Acid Resistant Capsules to protect the contents, as the formula passes through your stomach 


Take 2 capsules daily without regard to meals. You can take 2 capsules at the same time, or separately during the day. May be taken without regard to meals. One bottle contains 60 capsules. 


Q:  Can I take HashiScript if I have an autoimmune condition?
A:  HashiScript is a blend of antioxidants and digestive enzymes that support immune function and promote the metabolism of food.*  This in turn supports healthy antibody levels.*  Since we don’t know what’s right for every individual, we always advise that if you have a chronic health condition, then you should ask your health-care practitioner about taking any new supplement.

A:  Will I have to take HashiScript forever or can it be discontinued?
Q:  You can stop anytime you like.  If you decide you felt better when you were taking it, then start back up again.  There is no need to “wean” yourself off it either, so you can start or stop taking it suddenly if you choose to.  HashiScript should be thought of as an enzyme blend with special antioxidants* – it is not a drug nor does it contain any type of thyroid hormone.

Q:  What is the main difference between HashiScript and Thyroid Script?
A:  HashiScript is better to take if your immune system is involved.  Thyroid Script is better to take if your adrenal glands are involved.  Both formulas are intended to help support the thyroid gland.*  Both products are non-glandular formulas.  So both products can help if you have low thyroid function.*

Q:  What do the different ingredients do in HashiScript and Thyroid Script?
A:  The ingredients are totally different between these formulas.  Thyroid Script contain a very small amount of iodine, whereas HashiScript is iodine-free. Thyroid Script supports adrenal health because it contains ashwagandha, whereas HashiScript does not.* 

On the other hand, HashiScript contains proteolytic enzymes that help if you have increased intestinal permeability, which is often seen in individuals who have autoimmune dysfunction.*  HashiScript supports a healthy immune system, whereas Thyroid Script supports healthy adrenal glands and thyroid function but does not address immunity.*    

Q:  Can I take both HashiScript and Thyroid Script?
A:  Yes, if you would like to.  Thyroid Script supports healthy levels of thyroid hormone, as well as adrenal gland function; for example, in case you’re experiencing stress.*  HashiScript is an iodine-free blend of digestive enzymes and antioxidants that support healthy levels of peroxide.*  The reason for taking HashiScript would be to help support immune system function and maintain healthy levels of antibodies.* 

Q:  Glutathione gets destroyed in stomach acid.  Does that happen with HashiScript?
A:  No. There are two forms of glutathione in HashiScript, one is acetylated and one is “reduced.”  We include both forms of these potent antioxidants in a unique acid-resistant capsule to ensure the most effective delivery in the body. 

Q:  What is the suggested use for HashiScript?
A:  The suggested use is to take two capsules at the same time.  You can take HashiScript at any time during the day; however, most individuals usually take it in the morning.  But an acceptable alternative would be to take one capsule two times daily if you prefer.

Q:  Should I take HashiScript on an empty stomach or with food?
A:  You can take HashiScript without regard to meals; however, HashiScript may work better when you take it on an empty stomach because of the proteolytic enzymes.  But it’s really up to you because there is no wrong time or right time.  HashiScript contains a blend of digestive enzymes, and some work well with food and some on an empty stomach.  Take at your convenience.

Q:  I am usually constipated, but now I’m not.  Could HashiScript be having an affect on my bowels – is that possible?
A:  Yes, the HashiScript formula contains several digestive enzymes that help improve the metabolism of food as it moves through your GI tract.*  Some individuals have reported a harmless discoloration to the stool (usually greenish) and improved regularity.*  If for some reason you experience diarrhea, reduce dosage to 1 capsule daily (rather than 2 caps).

Q:  Can I take HashiScript if I no longer have a thyroid gland?
A:  Yes, because the HashiScript formula is not intended to produce thyroid hormone.*  HashiScript is intended to support immune function, and immune cells reside primarily in your gut.* HashiScript is a full-body antioxidant supplement and has “anti-rusting” properties (catalase and glutathione) that support the breakdown of free radicals, such as peroxide.*  HashiScript will support immune system function whether or not you have a thyroid gland.*

Q:  I am already taking your Thyroid Script.  Can I also take HashiScript or should I switch to HashiScript? 
A:  Yes, you can take both formulas simultaneously in some cases because HashiScript is primarily a digestive enzyme blend, and Thyroid Script is more for adrenals and T4 to T3 conversion.*  There is one duplicate ingredient - it is the selenium.  But even if you take 2  capsules of Thyroid Script and 2 capsules of HashiScript daily, the total daily amount of selenium you would get is only 205 mcg, which is not considered unsafe.  The selenium dosage used in clinical trials is almost always more than 205 mcg, so the combination of both supplements is in a safe margin. Some individuals take up to 400 mcg of selenium daily, as comparison.  Dosing minerals a highly individualized, therefore consider some of the symptoms of excessive selenium and reduce dosage accordingly. Symptoms of excessive selenium to look for include agitation, restlessness, faster heart rate, and diarrhea, which are symptoms consistent with selenium producing excessive thyroid hormone production.  You could always take less of each formula if need be.

Q:  Is it okay to take HashiScript if I take a prescription thyroid medication?   
A:  Yes in most cases however you should consult your practitioner about all supplement changes to your regimen. HashiScript is essentially an antioxidant formula with several digestive enzymes, so there is nothing in HashiScript that should interfere with a prescription medication.* However, we always advise that you consult with your health-care practitioner before you start taking a nutritional supplement.

Keep in mind that with taking HashiScript – as your general health begins to improve – your thyroid function may begin to normalize or regulate itself better and then your prescription medication may feel like it’s too much.  That is why you must remain supervised by your physician so that a prescription dosage can be reduced if necessary. 

Q:  Is it okay to take HashiScript if I am also taking a statin for high cholesterol?
A:  Yes, statins can interfere with selenium absorption (and also coenzyme Q10) so HashiScript could be useful if you are taking a statin, because HashiScript contains selenium.*  Also, if you have lipid peroxidation, then the catalase in HashiScript could be helpful.*  Of course, we advise that you ask your health-care practitioner about taking any nutritional supplement before you begin taking it.

Q:  I have food sensitivities.  Will taking HashiScript help? 
A:  Yes, it should, because HashiScript contains several proteolytic and digestive enzymes that are known to help support digestive health,* especially if you are consuming gluten, casein, or other food antigens in your diet.

Q:  Is there any magnesium stearate or any other stearate in HashiScript?
A:  No, there is no magnesium stearate or any other stearate in this formula.

 Q:  Is HashiScript gluten-free? 
A:  Yes.  All Script Essential products are gluten-free.  Script Essentials strives to have a virtually hypoallergenic product line, but we cannot know every possible allergy every individual might have.  Our products are made with the fewest possible “Other Ingredients."

Q:  Is HashiScript effective if you no longer have a thyroid gland?
A:  Yes, it can still be extremely helpful for the immune system, and other aspects of gut health because it contains several potent antioxidants, and digestive enzymes.

Q:  I am unable to swallow pills. Can I open the HashiScript capsule and mix it with applesauce and consume it this way?
A:  Yes you may, however emptying contents into food may reduce potency of the supplement by up to 30%.

Q:  I have high selenium levels on my blood test. Is HashiScript safe to take?
A:  No, you should avoid it because the formula contains selenium.

Q:  HashiScript is it vegan?
A:  Yes.

The Scientifically Studied Ingredients in HashiScript™

Catalase Enzyme

Antioxidant for Pancreatin*

Because catalase attacks hydrogen peroxide, I think of catalase as the "anti-rusting" enzyme. What does catalase do for your thyroid? Quite a lot! Some people have more “lipid peroxidation” happening, which describes the destruction of the outer "fatty" part of your cell membranes (due to excessive peroxide). Catalase neutralizes peroxide, rendering it harmless, turning it into water and oxygen. Thus, it has no ability to destroy cell membranes and mitochondria.* It can’t "rust" you anymore. One molecule of catalase can turn thousands of peroxide molecules into water in about one second!

Pancreatin Digestive Enzyme

Digestive Enzyme*

Pancreatin enzymes are secreted by your pancreas. Some individuals need more help with food breakdown than others. Pancreatin consists of amylase, lipase, and protease, which break down carbohydrates/sugars, fats, and proteins, respectively. After you eat, this particular enzyme 'digests' your food, metabolizing it to its smallest amino acid particles before they leak into the bloodstream. This process supports immune function, while reducing flatulence, diarrhea, and GI discomfort.* 

Bromelain Proteolytic Enzyme

Healthy inflammatory Response*

This proteolytic enzyme, derived from pineapple, helps maintain a normal inflammatory response.* With certain thyroid issues, a person may feel better with stabilized cytokine levels.* This is what bromelain seeks to do.

This enzyme is great for digestion, as well as inflammatory cytokines in the body.* 

Glutathione Antioxidant

Master Antioxidant

A poor diet, yo-yo dieting, drinking alcohol, or having poor intestinal permeability, as well as chronic illness, will deplete your stores of glutathione AND inhibit its production. HashiScript contains two types of glutathione. 

Glutathione is made in the liver, but having 2 forms of it (one that penetrates the brain) makes this great for antioxidant protection all over the body.*

DPP-IV Digestive Enzyme

Metabolize Dairy & Gluten*

DPP-IV (Dipeptidyl Peptidase 4) is a digestive enzyme that helps your body metabolize gluten and casein after eating foods such as dairy, wheat, bread, and pasta.* Microscopic proteins from these foods can leak through microscopic holes in a permeable gut lining, and then travel through your bloodstream, ultimately provoking an immune response. Some individuals with thyroid or immune system issues have difficulty digesting gluten and casein making DPP-IV an exceptional ingredient. 

Pepsin Proteolytic Enzyme

Helps Metabolize Food*

It's a digestive enzyme.* This process helps reduce harmful partially-undigested food particles that act like bullets to your fragile thyroid gland.* It's in HashiScript because it helps calm the body's self attack.*

Many individuals don't realize that when nutrients from food are fully extracted, absorbed, and utilized, your energy levels will naturally rise.*

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Theresa E.
United States United States

Hash-Script helpful with energy!

Very positive. It did help my energy level over time, although I would still have periodic ‘funks’ where I just couldn’t do anything. About 3 years in, I added ThyroidScript and now my energy is even better, and very rare to be sluggish. I also consider another positive that my TPO, while still high (because I have not cleaned up my diet as much as I should have) has gone from a 473 down to 88 in the 5-6 years I’ve been taking Hash-Script. I know it needs to be under forty-something, but I am lowering it and making headway. This is the only thing I can credit it to, in my routines.

United States United States

Thrilled with HashiScript!

I CANNOT tell you how thrilled with this I am! After going through multiple medication’s, nothing was changing my thyroid levels. I started taking HashiScript and my levels are getting back to normal. I feel so much better!

Nell W.
United States United States


I just finished my first bottle of HashiScript. I noticed a significant increase in energy and less joint pain and brain fog while taking it. If you haven't tried it, I encourage you to do so. I have used several of Suzy Cohen's products and I like them. I trust her. I will order HashiScript again.

Alice S.
Canada Canada

Hashi and thyroid script

Order filled in record time. I alternate Hashi one day and Thyroid the next. Sunday off. This has been a life changer for me. Regards

Anita W.

Great product that changed my Life!!!

I’m so happy and thankful I found Suzy products! I been taking HashiScript for an only a few weeks now and feeling so much better!!! I noticed after the first day I had more energy! I’m not bloated and no more digestive problems. I am forever grateful to Suzy because this product 5 star quality!! Love it! ❤️❤️