Immune & Cytokines

Would it bring you comfort and peace of mind to know that your immune system was functioning optimally? Most of us these days are keenly aware that controlling cytokines and revving immunity is key to having a healthy body.*

Boost Immune System

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The supplements included in this collection will help with the healthy production of T helper cells, natural killer cells, and macrophage activity. 

Immune Script is so unique that it was actually issued a patent in 2021. How many immune supplements can boast that?! It induces sedation, so it is taken at bedtime usually. While you sleep, Immune Script goes to work! It supports respiratory function too.* Just know that your immune system is powering up while you sleep, in order to help you during the day! 

Chelated zinc is back in stock! A deficiency is associated with poor outcomes due to suppressed innate and adaptive immunity. Other items in this collection include Vitamin D3, a methylated B complex formula called “Mito B Complex” and other antioxidants such as Magnesium and Vitamin C. Pick from this collection and gain confidence that your immune system will be there for you at a time of need.