Vitamins & Minerals

These formulas are high-quality vitamins and minerals in their most biologically active form, so they are 'body-ready.' We proudly assure you that all of our high-quality formulas are FREE of unnecessary additives and fillers, including magnesium stearate.*

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Antioxidants are important for the body to fight free-radical assault by many things that we encounter during the day. For example, you may be exposed to smoke, radiation, sunlight, artificial food additives and dyes, pesticides, and more! Unchecked, these free radicals damage DNA and lead to unhealthy cellular proliferation!*

Our best-selling antioxidant is Catalase. Cellular peroxide is made naturally in your body, but it often isn’t cleared fast enough. If that occurs, greying and gloomy feelings may occur. Peroxide leads to pain, it is harmful. But the human body makes an enzyme called catalase which neutralizes peroxide, turning it into healthy molecules of water and oxygen.* 

MagFocus magnesium provides crucial support for natural production of healthy glutathione levels. It also supports healthy blood pressure numbers and a happy mood.* 

Among the other products in this collection, we proudly offer: 

  • Chelated Zinc supports reproductive tissue*
  • Vitamin D is known for immune function.*
  • Iodine for strong immune support, breast tissue health, and also post-radiation exposure support.*
  • Selenium for healthy thyroid antibody production, and prostate as well as breast tissue support.*
  • Vitamin C for the protection of blood vessels and skin.*