A 100%, Money-Back Guarantee Like No Other! 

I am so certain that this is the  BEST quality nutritional supplements in its category on the market with the best formulation that if you try it and don’t see the results you like in 90 days, you are welcome to return it for a full refund.  

Why would I offer this? 

I believe in my products so much and I know if you give them a try, you will too. Sometimes we’ve spoke to a person on the phone and directed them to “take it at night instead of morning,” or “take half the dosage with food,” and it completely resolved the problem.  That said, if you don’t absolutely love what you bought, I’ll give you a full refund.

With a no-hassle policy, you're purchase has no risk, just the possibility of real health benefits! 

We maintain high standards.

My formulas have been used and trusted by thousands of people as well as practitioners around the world. We are diligent about incorporating the best raw materials to ensure quality, purity and efficacy drawing more consumers to our growing company every single day.

My company consists of a team of compassionate men and women who are excited about getting you well, and I am the formulator of this nutritional supplement line. I’ve been on the leading edge of research for 2 decades in order to find ingredients which -when combined- make for innovative formulas that can be patented. 

I’m a world-renowned expert in the field of natural health, a skilled Functional Medicine practitioner and  a licensed pharmacist for over 25 years. Rest assured we have incomparable formulas and well-researched clinically tested ingredients. As an example you will see ingredients such as Albion® chelated minerals, MagTein magnesium L- threonate, Benfotiamine® thiamine, Metafolate® form of natural folate, and other bioavailable ingredients.

Like you, I want results. I expect them. Our entire “Script” line is exclusive and contains patent-pending blends that are proprietary to my line.

Script Essentials proudly adheres to important practices: 

1) We insist on independent lab tests on every batch

2) Our formulas use concentrated therapeutic dosages

3) Our formulas use methylated, biologically active forms of nutrients where applicable, for example methylfolate as opposed to synthetic folic acid.

4) The minimum constituent biomarkers are stated on our label

5) We use HPLC testing to monitor specific constituent markers, as opposed to UV spectrometry which is less expensive and less accurate. Many companies advertise that they test their ingredients, but they don’t tell you HOW they test.  At Script Essentials, you don’t have to guess, you can trust we’re doing this properly! 

6) We do not source genetically modified ingredients so we are non GMO

7) If there is an organic source for an ingredient, we will use it! Not everything comes in organic though.  

8) We are a magnesium-stearate FREE company, this lubricant is commonly found in cheaper supplements that want to produce their vitamins faster and increase profits. 

9) We manufacture in labs so clean you could lick the floor! I’ve practically done it! I’m a stickler for quality, all our labs are clean and FDA inspected. 

10) Our products are made according to, or exceeding GMP standards! 
GMP means Good Manufacturing Practices. 

Our Nutritional Supplements are Clean

Our supplements use as few inactive ingredients as possible, and certainly no common allergens like wheat, gluten, dairy, soy or lactose. Until adequate measures are taken to revamp industry requirements for dietary supplements, it’s important for you as a consumer, or a physician to be familiar with the brand you take or recommend to your patients. In fact, physicians have to take the oath “first do no harm.” Without realizing, many physicians who fail to study Functional Medicine, or natural holistic medicine unknowingly suggest vitamins which can definitely do harm. 

For example, telling you to take Vitamin E usually means you’ll be consuming synthetic forms of E, as that is what’s usually sold at health food stores nationwide. You have to look really hard to find natural vitamin E, and get all 8 isomers, including heart-healthy “gamma.” 

Inappropriate or “sticky” fillers can accumulate in the kidneys, and improper forms of a nutrient can cause a depletion of the natural bioactive nutrient because it occupies space on the receptor site. For that matter, a ‘piece’ of vitamin E (like dl-alpha tocopherol) can adversely affect your health because you are missing various other parts of the whole vitamin E molecule. You never have to worry about these things at Script Essentials because we’ve thought 3 steps ahead and we know how the metabolic pathways run!

As a pharmacist, this is my area of expertise, and the study of my research for the past 29 years. Who better than a pharmacist to design nutritional formulas that work along the same physiological pathway as medications.  We are paving the way.

We promise to bring you the very best. We promise to hide nothing. 

Just because a supplement brand is marked “professional” doesn’t necessarily meant that it follows the ideal standards for quality control practices. “Professional” does not mean that the combination of nutrients are in proper physiologic ratios. “Professional” doesn’t automatically mean that it’s free of additives, that’s it’s derived from a clean source, or that it’s standardized to the dosage used in research trials (known to work).  

“Professional” or “Physician-formulated” or “All-natural” label claims don’t actually mean a whole lot, they are often marketing tactics.  These and other label claims do not mean that your formula is organic.  

You may have made an assumption with popular brands, thinking that if they are popular, and seen everywhere that they are the best. Not necessarily. They may be popular because they spend a ton of money on advertising campaigns or shelf space. Popular retail brands often source from the cheapest place, they don’t care that much about GMO ingredients, some companies are owned by pharmaceutical giants. Some companies buy herbs grown under conditions where harmful synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and other chemical solvents were used. This will never happen will Suzy Cohen's supplement store.

Further, big names that sell cheap to big box stores often use magnesium stearate on their machines to push the pills faster through the machines so they can bottle them faster and faster. It makes for more profit.  I appreciate saving money too, but not when it comes to my health. If you truly want to make your dollar go further, buy something that works. It’s expensive to buy cheap supplements that don’t work because it costs you your health. 

Try any of my Script products now and experience the results you want or get 100% of your money back!