Our Return Policy

We offer the highest quality nutritional supplements in the industry. The formulations are unmatched, some are patented, or patent-pending. 

We do NOT issue REFUNDS due to new FDA regulations. As you can understand, once a supplement has left our warehouse and our control, we cannot take it back because of potential tampering/safety concerns (the FDA does not allow).

We are UNABLE to accept any supplements that have left our warehouse.  These are FDA guidelines, and for that reason, we strongly encourage you to ONLY purchase supplements that you want.

If you want your physician or practitionner's approval for a particular supplement, we do expect you to get their approval PRIOR to making the purchase. We cannot ship the supplement out, for his/her approval. You must purchase the supplement AFTER receiving approval.

This is because we CANNOT issue refunds after purchase, even if the product is unopened. FDA does not let us take anything back, even if it is UNOPENED. 

This return policy applies to ALL purchases, including AutoShip customers.

AutoShip Customers - Be Aware Please
1) You must do so 3 to 4 days PRIOR to the scheduled ship date.
You will see the notification in your email well before the ship date.

2) Do not call us on the date your order ships, or even the day before because it is already packaged and waiting for USPS.  We obviously cannot catch an order UNLESS you call us in advance (3-4 days at least).

If you'd like to make changes to your AutoShip (recurring) order, please email:
customerservice@suzycohen.com or call 800-979-1405 (but do this 3 to 4 days PRIOR to your scheduled ship date.

Script Essentials proudly adheres to important practices: 

1) We insist on independent lab tests on every batch

2) Our formulas use concentrated therapeutic dosages

3) Our formulas use methylated, biologically active forms of nutrients where applicable, for example methylfolate as opposed to synthetic folic acid.

4) The minimum constituent biomarkers are stated on our label

5) We use HPLC testing to monitor specific constituent markers, as opposed to UV spectrometry which is less expensive and less accurate. Many companies advertise that they test their ingredients, but they don’t tell you HOW they test.  At Script Essentials, you don’t have to guess, you can trust we’re doing this properly! 

6) We do not source genetically modified ingredients so we are non GMO

7) If there is an organic source for an ingredient, we will use it! Not everything comes in organic though.  

8) We are a magnesium-stearate FREE company, this lubricant is commonly found in cheaper supplements that want to produce their vitamins faster and increase profits. 

9) We manufacture in labs so clean you could lick the floor! I’ve practically done it! I’m a stickler for quality, all our labs are clean and FDA inspected. 

10) Our products are made according to, or exceeding GMP standards! 
GMP means Good Manufacturing Practices. 

Our Nutritional Supplements are Clean

Our supplements use as few inactive ingredients as possible, and certainly no common allergens like wheat, gluten, dairy, soy or lactose. Until adequate measures are taken to revamp industry requirements for dietary supplements, it’s important for you as a consumer, or a physician to be familiar with the brand you take or recommend to your patients. In fact, physicians have to take the oath “first do no harm.”

Some companies sell cheap to big box stores often use magnesium stearate on their machines to push the pills faster through the machines so they can bottle them faster and faster. It makes for more profit.  I appreciate saving money too, but not when it comes to my health. If you truly want to make your dollar go further, buy something that works. It’s expensive to buy cheap supplements that don’t work because it costs you your health.