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When Your Immune System Takes Aim at Your Thyroid Gland... 

Gain Control with HashiScript® 

Have you or a loved one been misdiagnosed?
That’s my worry.😟

Immune system malfunctions can cause your body to destroy and eat away at your tissues!
Soothe your immune system by zeroing in on the triggers, and getting rid of them!

If you don't zero in on them, you could end up in an unnecessary tailspin.

The current health care system masks symptoms and layers one drug💊 on top of the other!

Some immune system issues will 'eat away' at your thyroid gland until it’s completely atrophied!

During the attack, which could last months or even years, your thyroid hormone levels will swing high and low, causing you to have symptoms that could be mistaken for any number of mental or emotional disorders, when really, it is an erratic level of thyroid hormone, like a swinging pendulum.

Pendulum swings low - your thyroid hormone dips, you feel fatigued, sad and cold. Thinking and reading is hard!

Pendulum swings high - thyroid hormone shoots up, you feel agitated, easily stressed, sweaty and you can't sleep.This puts you on a very expensive, never-ending loop of doctors, treatments, pain, feelings of failure, more doctors, more expense, and so on... relationship troubles may begin too. Watch the video above (Part 1) and the video below (Part 2) to see what I mean. 

Watch these videos about the secret poison that causes thyroid problems.

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

Signs of trouble in your thyroid gland and your immune system: 

  • Multiple food sensitivities or food reactions
  • Difficulty with weight 
  • Mental and emotional struggles
  • Tenderness and stiffness in the joints
  • Muscle aches or weakness
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Pale, dry skin or hair
  • A puffy face
  • Intestinal permeability, diarrhea, or constipation (digestive problems)
  • Hair loss, thinning, or loss of eyebrows/lashes 
  • Rashes on skin or lips
  • Poor memory 
  • Muscle aches or weakness
  • Brittle or thin nails
  • Heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding

Meet Michael - He had Immune Function Issues
(that is, until he tried HashiScript!)

The results in this case study are not typical and they represent the experience of one individual. Individual results may vary.

Imagine your doctor saying to you,
"There is nothing else I can do... YOU HAVE TO GET USED TO YOUR SITUATION, I am sorry."

This is exactly what happened to Michael P from New Jersey. He had a severe problem for many years. In his own words:

I had a severe case of hair loss. The doctor said this was triggered by my own immune system every time I went through stressful times. Unfortunately he gave me no type of treatment other than cortisone shots into the scalp, which I hated because it made me gain weight and it was very painful.

I remember the words what my dermatologist told me back in December 2014 when I was really down after my cortisone shots on a spot that did not have hair follicles for more than a year and a half: THERE IS NOTHING ELSE I CAN DO MORE THAN CORTISONE SHOTS. YOU HAVE TO GET USED TO YOUR CONDITION. I AM SORRY.

I tried your formula called "HashiScript" even though I don't have a thyroid condition and I just want to say THANK YOU!!!! My hair has started to grow back. I feel less bloated and (I'm a cyclist) and I can ride my bike much longer now with more energy!



March 26th


June 7th (not even 90 days later!)

Partially Digested Food Proteins = Immune Trouble Galore

When individuals have immune dysfunction, it's often related to their intestinal lining having developed some extra gaps and holes. Proteins from dairy and gluten leak out. Sometimes you hear it referred to as "Leaky Gut". Not all food gets digested, and the proteins from dairy (i.e., casein) and gluten (gliadins) leak through holes in the gut, due to the highly permeable intestinal barrier. It's like a coffee filter, but the holes in the coffee filter are too big so all the ground up coffee spills through to your coffee mug!

You want the holes to be tighter. Vitamin D does that. (See ingredient list below)
You want the proteins to be fully digested. Pepsin, DPP-IV, and Pancreatin do that. (See ingredient list below)

Hydrogen peroxide is the secret poison!

This poison adds fuel to the fire. 🔥

You’ve probably seen those brown bottles of hydrogen peroxide sold at pharmacies or perhaps it’s even in your own medicine cabinet. Your cells produce peroxide every millisecond as part of normal cellular metabolism. Your body is supposed to turn that hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, but with an inflamed and enraged thyroid, that process could be hindered! The peroxide builds up!
The fire starts, meaning elevated blood levels of antibodies and pain-causing cytokines.

Reducing peroxide is one factor to getting well.
Your liver secretes catalase, a natural enzyme that breaks HARMFUL peroxide down into water and oxygen! 

Here's how Catalase works! It's one of the key ingredients in HashiScript.

Be Happy, not Hashi!

Do you wonder what it would feel like to be happy... as opposed to sad a lot of the time? What it would be like to wake up and not begin worrying immediately? Mood is something that's impacted by your thyroid.

Imagine feeling like putting on gym clothes because you finally have enough energy to go to spin class or go jogging. If you didn’t get short of breath after only 10 minutes, it would be a joy, right?

Being able to go down a size in your jeans or leggings! Oh man, I want you to do that so bad! I know I can help make it happen!Imagine what it would feel like to NOT crave so many stimulants (coffee, soda, nicotine)!
Or downers to help you fall asleep (alcohol, sleeping pills). This is sometimes due to unhealthy fluctuations in your cortisol rhythm, which gets impacted when your thyroid or immune system function fails.

Everyone misses the old you😔
Would you like to feel happy, not Hashi? You can take control if you know how!🤗

🏆Proudly introducing you to HashiScript!

Made without stearates or other fillers.
Suggested use: Take 2 capsules each day without regard to meals.
(These are not affected by stomach acid)

  • Contains Setria® glutathione, which supports immune function.*  
  • Contains catalase in DR acid-resistant veggie capsules, which neutralizes hydrogen peroxide.*
  • Intercepts and neutralizes gliadin and casein proteins in the GI tract before they can be absorbed.* 
  • Setria® glutathione that has actually been shown to raise blood glutathione levels!*
  • Assists in the breakdown of allergenic proteins, such as gluten (wheat, rye, barley) and casein (from milk and dairy products).*

HashiScript is a thyroid support vitamin formula* that is so unique, it’s now patented!
Medications only seek to suppress symptoms and increase (or decrease) thyroid hormone depending on how your pendulum is swinging. These medications, no matter how expensive they are, DO NOT heal your gut or reduce the problem of undigested food particles leaving your gut and traveling into your bloodstream, where they can ⚠️penetrate into your tissues and joints, or your myelin, thyroid, and so forth.

Here are the Unique Ingredients in HashiScript 

Catalase Enzyme

Because catalase attacks hydrogen peroxide, I think of catalase as the "anti-rusting" enzyme. What does catalase do for your thyroid? Quite a lot! Some people have more “lipid peroxidation” happening, which describes the destruction of the outer "fatty" part of your cell membranes (due to excessive peroxide). Catalase neutralizes peroxide, rendering it harmless, turning it into water and oxygen. Thus, it has no ability to destroy cell membranes and mitochondria.* It can’t "rust" you anymore. One molecule of catalase can turn thousands of peroxide molecules into water in about one second!

It takes H2O2 ☠️(Peroxide) and creates = Water (H20)💧 + Oxygen (O2)

Pancreatin Digestive Enzyme

Pancreatin enzymes are secreted by your pancreas and mitigates the burden your body faces from partially digested food particles that leave your GI tract.* Some individuals need more help with food breakdown than others. Pancreatin consists of amylase, lipase, and protease, which break down carbohydrates/sugars, fats, and proteins, respectively. After you eat, this particular enzyme 'digests' your food, metabolizing it to its smallest amino acid particles before they leak into the bloodstream. This process supports immune function, while reducing flatulence, diarrhea, and GI discomfort.* This enzyme is NOT animal derived, it comes from the plant kingdom.

Bromelain Proteolytic Enzyme

This proteolytic enzyme, derived from pineapple, helps maintain a normal inflammatory response.* With certain thyroid issues, a person may feel better with stabilized cytokine levels.* This is what bromelain seeks to do.

Bromelain, a collection of protein-digesting enzymes and other healthy substances, latches onto the unhealthy food particles that would otherwise travel through your bloodstream and land in your thyroid gland.*
Bromelain can also help reduce TNF-alpha, and C-Reactive Protein.*

Glutathione Antioxidant

The most powerful "master" antioxidant in your body. A poor diet, yo-yo dieting, drinking alcohol, or having poor intestinal permeability, as well as chronic illness, will deplete your stores of glutathione AND inhibit its production. HashiScript contains two types of glutathione.

When glutathione is released into your system, it doesn’t normally get in your brain unless it’s in the “acetylated” form, such as S-Acetyl-Glutathione (SAG), which is what's in HashiScript. It's also protected in a DR "acid-resistant" capsule to ensure absorbability. 

DPP-IV Digestive Enzyme

DPP-IV (Dipeptidyl Peptidase 4) is a digestive enzyme that helps your body metabolize gluten and casein after eating foods such as dairy, wheat, bread, and pasta.* Microscopic proteins from these foods can leak through microscopic holes in a permeable gut lining, and then travel through your bloodstream, ultimately provoking an immune response. Some individuals with thyroid or immune system issues appear to have a difficult time fully digesting gluten and casein (from wheat and dairy), which makes DPP-IV an exceptional ingredient in HashiScript.*


The mineral selenium is an antioxidant, and is needed to create thyroid hormone.* Selenium supports healthy levels of antibodies, such as "TPO antibodies" and thyroglobulin.* 

The ingredients in HashiScript are well thought out. They are synergistic, meaning your liver glutathione production will also increase due to having more selenium in your body.* 

Vitamin D Antioxidant

Vitamin D supports healthy immune function.* Plus, vitamin D plays a powerful and positive role in various aspects of innate and adaptive immune system function.*

Studies show a very close correlation between vitamin D deficiency and self-attacking of tissues. Vitamin D has been shown to reduce zonulin which improves leaky gut.* The nutrient can also be formed within the body from exposure to sunshine, provided you have the right cofactors and genes to convert it to a biologically activate form. 

Pepsin Proteolytic Enzyme

Pepsin is secreted by your stomach cells in order to break down food. It's a digestive enzyme.* This process helps reduce harmful partially-undigested food particles that act like bullets to your fragile thyroid gland.* It's in HashiScript because it helps calm the body's self attack.* Many individuals don't realize that when nutrients from food are fully extracted, absorbed, and utilized, your energy levels will naturally rise.*

Poorly digested protein particles can lead to GI discomfort and more immune and thyroid concerns.

In comes HashiScript...
It helps you manage BOTH your thyroid and immune function!*

(There are currently over 288 different ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews)

HashiScript is a custom, patented formula capable of extraordinary results because it’s the ONLY thyroid-dedicated support formula that contain both catalase and glutathione, which breaks down potentially harmful peroxides produced during metabolism.* The enzyme blend supports your body’s effort to address intestinal permeability issues.* Glutathione cleans up.*

A few recent reviews for HashiScript®

From Cheryl:
"I have been sick since 2014. I recently found out my thyroid is enlarged and has nodules. I found HashiScript. I immediately started feeling better. I actually got out of the house, had enormous energy and went kayaking."

From Paula:
"I’m doing very well taking the HashiScript. I have lots more energy. Definitely 5 star. I use several of your supplements.God’s blessings to you and your team."😊 

From Mary:
"This is my second bottle of HashiScript and I have to say I don’t EVER want to go without it!

I’ve added this product to my Thyroid medicine and I feel wonderful!"

From Margaret:
"Although my thyroid function tests are always within “normal” range, I take HashiScript for good measure a couple times a year because I seem to have more energy when I take it. It must be doing something GOOD for me."

Read the FAQs for HashiScript

  • Can I take HashiScript if I have an autoimmune condition?

HashiScript is a blend of antioxidants and digestive enzymes that support immune function and promote the metabolism of food.* This in turn supports healthy antibody levels.* Since we don’t know what’s right for every individual, we always advise that if you have a chronic health condition, then you should ask your health-care practitioner about taking any new supplement.

  • Can I take both HashiScript and Thyroid Script?

Yes, if you would like to. Thyroid Script supports healthy levels of thyroid hormone, as well as adrenal gland function; for example, in case you’re experiencing stress.* HashiScript is an iodine-free blend of digestive enzymes and antioxidants that support healthy levels of peroxide.* The reason for taking HashiScript would be to help support immune system function and maintain healthy levels of antibodies.* 

  • I read that glutathione gets destroyed in stomach acid. Does that happen to the glutathione in HashiScript?

No. There are 2 forms of glutathione in HashiScript, one is acetylated and one is “reduced.” We include both forms of these potent antioxidants in a unique acid-resistant capsule to ensure the most effective delivery in the body. 

  • What is the suggested use for HashiScript?

The suggested use is to take 2 capsules at the same time. You can take HashiScript at any time during the day; however, most individuals usually take it in the morning. But an acceptable alternative would be to take one capsule two times daily if you prefer.

  • Should I take HashiScript on an empty stomach or with food?

You can take HashiScript without regard to meals; however, HashiScript may work better when you take it on an empty stomach because of the proteolytic enzymes. But it’s really up to you because there is no wrong time or right time. HashiScript contains a blend of digestive enzymes, and some work well with food and some on an empty stomach. Take at your convenience.

  • Can I take HashiScript if I no longer have a thyroid gland?

Yes, because the HashiScript formula is not intended to produce thyroid hormone.* HashiScript is intended to support immune function, and immune cells reside primarily in your gut.* HashiScript is a full-body antioxidant supplement and has “anti-rusting” properties (catalase and glutathione) that support the breakdown of free radicals, such as peroxide.* HashiScript will support immune system function whether or not you have a thyroid gland.*

  • Is it okay to take HashiScript if I take a prescription thyroid medication?

Yes. HashiScript is essentially an antioxidant formula with several digestive enzymes, so there is nothing in HashiScript that should interfere with a prescription medication.* However, we always advise that you consult with your health-care practitioner before you start taking a nutritional supplement. Keep in mind that with taking HashiScript – as your general health begins to improve – your thyroid function may begin to normalize or regulate itself better and then your prescription medication may feel like it’s too much. That is why you must remain supervised by your physician so that a prescription dosage can be reduced if necessary. 

  • I have food sensitivities. Will taking HashiScript help?

Yes, it should, because HashiScript contains several proteolytic and digestive enzymes that are known to help support digestive health,* especially if you are consuming gluten, casein, or other food antigens in your diet.

  • Is there any magnesium stearate or any other stearate in HashiScript?

No, there is no magnesium stearate or any other stearate in any of Suzy Cohen’s products.

  • Is HashiScript gluten-free?

Yes. All Script Essential products are gluten-free. Script Essentials strives to have a virtually hypoallergenic product line, but we cannot know every possible allergy every individual might have. Our products are made with the fewest possible “Other Ingredients” in their formulas, and they contain absolutely no artificial preservatives, fillers, or colors.

  • Is HashiScript effective if you no longer have a thyroid gland?

Yes, it can still be extremely helpful for the immune system, and other aspects of gut health because it contains several potent antioxidants, and digestive enzymes.

  • I am unable to swallow pills. Can I open the HashiScript capsule and mix it with applesauce and ingest it this way?

Yes you may, however be aware that you will not get the full effects due to reduced absorption (due to the contents coming in contact with your stomach acid). Emptying contents into food may reduce potency of the blend by approximately 30%.

  • I have high selenium levels on my blood test. Is HashiScript safe to take?

No, it contains selenium so do not take it if your blood selenium levels are elevated.

  • Is HashiScript vegan?


  • Is Thyroid Script a replacement for HashiScript?

No these are two entirely different supplements. The Thyroid Script is useful for activation of T3 hormone, and adrenal health. It is great for supporting energy levels, cortisol, rest/relaxation, and thyroid hormone secretion.* The HashiScript is useful for immune-based thyroid issues, maintaining already healthy levels of TPO enzyme, and reducing dietary antigens (ie gluten/casein) absorption from the gut.* Some people take both supplements, some people choose just one to start with, and only need one. It is very individual and your practitioner(s) can best advise you. 

HashiScript is formulated with ingredients that help your body digest loose food proteins in the gastrointestinal tract, which can cause immune problems.*

This is different than my other formula called "Thyroid Script" which supports adrenal and thyroid function.* Below are the main differences:

The Major Differences

Ingredient Thyroid Script HashiScript
Iodine 500 mcg ZERO
Adaptogen (adrenal)
DPP-IV (gluten/casein)
Pancreatin (digestion)
Immune support
Vitamin D

If you are wondering if "Thyroid Script" capsules may be taken with "HashiScript" the answer is YES.
You may take BOTH supplements if that is what you or your practitioner feels is best for you.

Without enough "rust removers" like catalase and glutathione, the hydrogen peroxide levels can exceed normal levels (become toxic), causing your hair and skin to lose its color, vibrancy, and youthfulness.

Peroxide causes "peroxidation" of your cholesterol, which can negatively impact cardiovascular health.*

HashiScript should not interfere with any medications because it is primarily a digestive enzyme blend with several crucial antioxidants to eliminate free radicals.*

Furthermore, it should not interfere with any thyroid medications. To be safe, however, it is recommended that you always consult your practitioner about changes to your supplement regimen. This is because everyone’s situation is unique. 

Learn More - Thyroid Script

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Meet the Formulator for HashiScript

America's Most Trusted Pharmacist®

Suzy Cohen, RPh

Author of "Thyroid Healthy," "Drug Muggers," "Diabetes Without Drugs," and others. 

Hi I'm Suzy Cohen...

I've been a pharmacist for 3 decades.
Everything I know about medications has gone into my supplement line, to create natural options without all the side effects!
I studied at the University of Florida and became licensed in 1985 as a Registered Pharmacist.
Over the years, I have worked in various settings such as retail pharmacy, hospital setting and nursing homes.

Since 1999, I've been writing a nationally syndicated (newspaper) column every week. I have written many natural health books, hundreds of blogs on alternative medicine, and appeared on major TV networks and shows.
Today I formulate dietary supplements and hold 4 patents on them, including one for HashiScript®!

I also co-hosted THE THYROID SUMMIT in 2014. I know A LOT about the Thyroid because I suffered with low levels myself. I fixed it! 

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