Energy & Methylation

Formulas selected for this category are designed to protect the structure and function of your thyroid gland which produces thyroxine and ultimately triiodothyronine.* Thyroid Script contains cofactors and minerals to help activate thyroid hormone, and improve peripheral absorption by the cells.* Metabolism and alertness, as well as the mood may improve.*

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Formulas in this collection come from various other collections and these are intended to help you if you are tired, weak, and low in folate or other nutrients that increase ATP production, and support DNA methylation, critical for human life.

You’ll notice that some thyroid supplements are included and that’s because the thyroid gland is 100% responsible for creating energy-producing thyroxine. Every cell in the human body has thyroxine receptors found on it, making it a critical hormone for physical strength, stamina, vibrance, and energy. For that reason, I’ve offered The Thyroid Bundle for $99 which you can read more about below.

The star product on this page is Mito B Complex! This is probably our #1 bestselling supplement for methylation concerns and energy production.* This formula the B complex vitamins in a special type that your mitochondria will take in and utilize. So many other brands contain cheap, hard-to-absorb formulas.

Mito B Complex™- Suzy Cohen’s special mitochondrial or “mito” loving B complex. These vitamins protect your myelin sheath* while also supporting methylation. Benfotiamine is a fat-soluble form of thiamine. The P5P is a special bioavailable form of pyridoxine that supports carpal tunnel tendons. Free of synthetic folic acid —> this contains methylated folate as 5-MTHF. It also contains adenosylcobalamin, the mito form of B12. 

The collection also includes:

  1. Thyroid Script - This supplement turns on your ability to activate T4 into T3 which is a form of thyroid hormone that ‘wakes you up and makes you feel more alert, energetic and mood-stable.*
  2. HashiScript® Capsules - Supports healthy thyroid function and TPO antibodies which translate to physical stamina and mental energy. This patented formula contains 2 types of glutathione!
  3. Yummy Greens powder - A superfood drink mix that tastes delicious. Unlike other brands, this does NOT contain harmful goitrogens that suppress energy by way of normal suppressing iodine uptake.* It is patented. 
  4. Iodine Complex - Required for thyroid hormone production, this formula is superior to all others because it contains two natural forms of the mineral. Fatigue and weakness occur with iodine deficiency, and it’s more common than imagined. Almost 80% of people with insufficient thyroid hormone levels (termed hypothyroidism) are low in natural iodine. This may lead to feelings of fatigue, sluggishness, apathy, weakness, and poor energy production.
  5. Selenium - Selenium concentration is highest in the thyroid gland, compared to other organs. Its main function is the synthesis of thyroid hormone and turning food into energy and fuel.* Selenium is essential for healthy DNA methylation. Without it, there are abnormal changes in methylation that even folate cannot fix. 
  6. Vitamin C - This blend is 100% natural because Vitamin C comes from cherries and citrus fruits. It is not derived from corn like most other brands. Vitamin C is critical for cytokine balancing, and methylation but most people don’t know that. It functions as a critical cofactor of iron and alpha-ketoglutarate-dependent dioxygenases (α-KGDDs). Furthermore, ATP cannot be made by your Krebs cycle without adequate amounts of Vitamin C, which we as humans do not make.