Mito B Complex

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Mito B Complex with 5-MTHF and Adeno B12
This VEGAN formula was created to help with optimal absorption to convert food into energy, while supporting nervous system health.* 
It includes the mitochondrial form of Vitamin B12 (called Adenosylcobalamin or "Adeno B12).  Also has 5-MTHF or "methylated folate" (Vitamin B9) for healthy methylation support.*
  • Directions: Take 1 capsule daily with a snack or meal
  • FREE of synthetic FOLIC ACID (contains methylated B9/folate as 5-MTHF)
  • Help maintain normal energy levels and neurological activity*
  • May cause a harmless discoloration of urine (bright yellow) due to riboflavin
  • Supports normal methylation and homocysteine levels using Vitamin B12 and folate*
  • B vitamins help maintain healthy cell growth and repair*
  • Folate provided as 5-MTHF because it is proven to have greater absorption than folic acid* 5-MTHF is utilized by the body for the methylation cycle*