Thyroid Magazine Vol. 1

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Health & Radiant Aging Magazine - by Suzy Cohen
Lots of data about THYROID HEALTH
Exclusive Issue written by Suzy Cohen, RPh

My magazine sold out of Costco immediately and was the #1 selling magazine in the Whole Foods chain (nationally).  You don't want to miss it because it contains articles about how to "Turn on your Skinny" and much more! 

Healing and fun to read!

For example, some of these topics are covered (and click on the image to your left to read the entire Table of Contents). This is a beautiful 150 page publication with dozens of tips, recipes and thyroid, adrenal and hormone information such as this:

—> Discover how to maintain your figure and feel great
—> Uncover which foods affect the health of your hair
—> How to tackle unwanted feelings of fear, dread and panic
—> Learn how to take difficulties in stride to preserve your body and mind
—> How to train your immune system to work optimally