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MagFocus® Berry Flavor

For Leg Cramps and Brain Function*
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Magnesium is traditionally hard on the tummy, but not MagFocus! We offer 2 delicious flavors: original Mixed Berry and new Lemon-Lime!

This delicious mixed berry powder mixes easily with water and you can adjust the dose as needed. MagFocus® supports healthy brain synapse number and function.* The patented form of MagTein® supports cognitive health and stress management as well as a healthy focus, and general mood.*

Practitioners often suggest magnesium for improved sleep quality and maintenance of already normal blood pressure.*

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Includes patented MagTein Magnesium L-Threonate powder and chelated Albion patented minerals for gentle-on-the-tummy effect.*

One scoop contains 1,000 mg (equivalent to 1 gm) Magnesium L-threonate as patented MagTein® plus 200 mg of blended chelated magnesium. See the image with more details on this page. The natural color for mixed berry flavor comes from red beets. There are not FD&C colors, or artificial sweeteners. Sevia is the natural sweetener for this product.

Does Not Contain: Wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, fish, shellfish, soy, dairy products, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.


Suggested Use: Take 1/4 - 1/2 scoop at night, increase the amount as needed up to 1 scoop per day. Once the dosage that is best for you is determined, ideally split it and take some in the morning and some in the evening, as a twice daily regimen. See FAQ for more detail.


Q: What is MagTein®?
A: A patented, trademarked name for Magnesium L-threonate, which is a mineral salt of the essential trace mineral magnesium. It is a brain bioavailable type of magnesium.

Q: Why is it superior to other types of magnesium?
A: Other forms of magnesium have low bioavailability in the brain and cognitive tissue because the salt form used cannot readily cross the blood brain barrier. Magtein is better absorbed than other magnesium forms, and has clinical research to show that it is highly effective in crossing the blood brain barrier. This type of patented, trademarked form of magnesium has clinical studies which show that Magtein® increases the number and density of synapses in the brain. This activity correlates with improved cognition.*

Q: Are there side effects to this type of magnesium?
A: Magtein® is well tolerated. In multiple clinical trials, no significant adverse effects were reported. Magtein is better absorbed in the GI tract and effective at lower doses than other oral magnesium products, reducing the chance of GI events (upset stomach, cramping and diarrhea). Feel free to consult your physician before starting any new dietary supplement, especially if pregnant or nursing.

Q: How long should it be taken?
A: This is up to you. Magtein works best when included in a daily supplement program.

Q: When should this drink mix be taken?
A: Consume Magtein within 30 minutes of eating a meal and mix the powder with a glass of water. It will readily dissolve.

Q: Can children take it?
A: In the USA, dietary supplements are recommended for adults, so please consult a pediatrician.

Q: Can MagTein® (which is in MagFocus® powder) improve focus?
A: Magtein has been shown to significantly increase magnesium concentrations in the brain, which leads to improved learning capacity, short- and long-term memory, recall, and synaptic connections.*

Q: When is this best taken?
A: Supplementation schedules vary based upon our uniqueness. If taken once daily, then take it at night. You may also take a partial amount in the morning and the rest in the evening based upon your lifestyle, preferences and health concerns.

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Shelia W.
United States United States

Mag Focus

I have suggested mag focus to 3 others & they all love , love, love this product ! I sleep deep & DREAM & I wake up refreshed ! Hearing the exact same results from the others! I never want to be without it. I’ve been taking this product for two mo. at least & I only require 1/2 scoop ! Thank you , Suzy

Kim G.
United States United States

My memory is better

Before I discovered this product I was losing words all the time, very frustrating. After I started this product, and took it at least four times a week, I noticed that I was losing far less words than I had before. I ran out and it wasn't long before I was losing words again. I had started taking a pill form but it didn't work nearly as well. I ordered more and am doing much better! Thanks, Suzy!

Ann Y.
United States United States

works for my nails

I am taking with quercetin powder and the two seem to have really helped my nails.

Helen L.
United States United States

Great Product

I have been using Mg+Threonate for about 6 years. I worked the Night Shift and had trouble sleeping through the day. I read an article from a well known Cardiologist at our hospital on how Mg+ Threonate aides night shift workers sleep better and wake feeling more rested and increased energy. After looking online, I finally found Suzy Cohen’s Mg+ Threonate in a powder, which is what this Physician recommended. I tried it, along with Melatonin and was sold. Now, I’m retired and have a normal sleep schedule, but continue to use this powder, which I add to my herbal night time tea.

Valeh L.
United States United States

Great Product

Great Magnesium supplement. I’m no longer experiencing eyelid twitching and I’m definitely hitting good sleep patterns after taking this at dinner time.