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Chelated Zinc 20mg Capsules

Enhance Skin & Thyroid Activity*
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Zinc supports healthy immune function and DNA cell integrity* This formula uses Albion's special patented, "chelated" because  it is gentle on the stomach. It is sourced from the USA. 

Many people with UV damage, or slow-to-heal wounds employ some zinc, along with some Vitamin C. It has well-documented evidence for hair, skin and nails. 

Zinc is necessary for DNA synthesis and proper cell division. Zinc is critical when it comes to healthy reproductive organs, from the breast to the prostate and even fertility concerns. It's also essential to a healthy gastrointestinal tract since it is needed for GI mucosa and balanced microflora* For those people who have gastrointestinal concerns, a zinc deficiency is a very real problem. Researchers found that about 60% of celiac patients had a zinc deficiency! 

Perhaps best known for immune support, zinc is needed for proliferation of strong B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes (CD4 lymphocytes in particular)* Another popular use for zinc is for the sensation of proper taste, as well as auditory function.* 


Each vegetarian capsule contains 20mg of chelated zinc as "zinc bisglycinate chelate"


Directions: Take 1 capsule once daily. May increase to 1 capsule twice daily if desired and supervised by a practitioner. You may take this formula without regard to meals.


Q: Why is this chelated? Other brands are not chelated and they are cheaper. 
A: Because chelated zinc has been researched and it's more bio-available, and gentler on the system. 

Q: Can I take this zinc along with DermaScript for my complexion, because the DermaScript also contains zinc? 
A: Yes, absolutely. The DermaScript only contains 4mg of zinc per 2 capsules, so you may add more zinc with this formula. It's a good idea if you have tough skin problems.

Q: Are there any interactions? 
A: If you are taking a quinolone or a tetracycline antibiotic, dairy and zinc may interfere with the medication absorption. If you take iron supplements, separate administration at least two hours away from the zinc supplement.

Q: Can a person take too much zinc? 
A: Yes, balance is important. Most experts feel that 20mg per day is enough if you need additional zinc in your system. You can eat foods rich in zinc too. The way to tell if you're getting excessive zinc is if you have a sudden loss in appetite, or develop abdominal cramps, diarrhea, headaches, nausea or vomiting. Taking excessive amounts of zinc is not good because it can alter the body's copper status. Stick to regular dosing, such as 1 capsule daily, or perhaps 2 capsules daily if desired. Always ask your doctor what's right for you. 

Q: How do I store it, in the refrigerator? 
No need! You can just keep it on the counter or in a cabinet. 

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Tina M.
United States United States

Chelated Zinc

I feel that the zinc plus other supplements I am taking have greatly increased my heart function and strength

Canada Canada

Zn. n D3

They both perfect When travelling we try to make one bottle with all supplements. Request create a difference as both capsules look similar. It will be good to tell a difference between them. We can then pack them together Thanks n regards. Surinderpal

Steven A.
United States United States

Chelated Zinc

This specific zinc formulation is amazing as in the past I've had various zinc products that hurt my stomach. And it's great Suzy explains the product and it's many benefits. As always her supplements are of the highest quality and standards.

Rosemary D.
United States United States


I feel confident with this product to help with immunization

Dawn S.
United States United States

Love these Vitamins!

Wonderful! It's So Great to know my Vitamins are made in the USA, as My family's health is worth it!