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BRAND NEW PRODUCT! One bottle lasts 30 days  
™ is a patent-pending blend of biotin, skin-loving probiotics (ProBeautyShield) and a special complex of antioxidants called SkinAx, which helps to rejuvenate your skin, help with acne, dryness or oiliness, and fine lines. It may also help reduce the signs of dark cycles and itchy or scaly rashes. Even if you don't have those concerns, but would like the collagen-boosting effects and soft skin, DermaScript does that! May reduce sensitivity, redness and itchiness. Ingredients are in a special DR® Acid-Resistant Capsule so you may take it anytime, without regard to meals. 

Designed to improve wound healing and give you a clear, beautiful complexion:

  • Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules every day.
  • Contains Synbalance® ProBeautyShield a probiotic blend of 3 different strains to enhance beautiful skin.*
  • Biotin helps with food digestion and lovely hair, skin and nails.* 
  • Contains SkinAx2™ which is a French Grape Seed extract bound to Zinc, Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D) and Vitamin C. This complex has been clinically studied and found to improve an uneven texture, dark circles to some degree, and luminous, radiant skin. Vitamin C improves collagen.

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Timothy B.
United States United States
Works very well for me

My wife bought this for me to see if it would help me with a skin condition that I have been managing by the elimination and restriction of certain foods from/within my diet. Winter is the worst time for me. After 30 days of use I noted a substantial improvement with my skin condition when taken in conjunction with my usual regime. I also feel much better and have better clarity of mind. Very pleased with the product

Donna .
United States United States
Feel good thing

I just got the sample bottle , Gonna go for for the gusto and order full size . I know it make feel good on the inside so maybe need little bit longer for noticable outside .Love you all Suzy Cohen Scripts .

NW .
United States United States
Only been about 2 weeks

Perhaps too soon I am not yet seeing any difference in my skin over the past two weeks, but I feel the probiotics have been helpful after an illness which required me to take several different antibiotics. I will keep using my DermaScript bottle, and hope to see improvements in my skin.

Janie .
United States United States
Brown spots on my hands are lighter

I believe in Suzy's products! I have been using the Derma Script, for close to 3 wks. What has improved, are the brown spots on my hands, they are much less. Hoping for the same, on my face, as well as improvements in facial lines and texture.

Connie B.
United States United States
First bottle is already working for me

I think I can see a difference somewhat in texture of my skin but have not finished 1st bottle yet- almost finished. I have ordered a second bottle & hopefully be able to tell big difference by then! So thankful for Suzy’s hard work to bring us quality products.