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Beautiful Skin (from head to toe) Can Be Yours!

Stop concealing embarrassing skin, fix it with DermaScript!💖

You can cover your skin with makeup, concealer, face powder all you want, but you'll never get to the root cause that way! Do you want to fix it once and for all? 
Don't spend the rest of your life trying to conceal your pimples, rashes and redness. 
FIX IT! I'll tell you how and surprisingly, it has to do with your digestion...

You beautify your skin when you restore intestinal microflora (those friendly bacteria in your gut).
Did you know that psychological stress negatively impacts your GI flora, and your skin pays the price?
In other words, when the gut microflora deteriorates, you may not have any GI problems, but your skin could. The oxidative stress in the gut may manifest itself on the outside and cause skin discomfort. Now there's help! Certain specific strains of probiotics can improve things on the inside.

That means the outside - your skin - gets more lovely too!
(Also, if you want a COLLAGEN booster, DermaScript can help). 

SkinAx is a Collagen Booster - WATCH NOW

There's a way to save your skin and beautify your skin with a unique dietary supplement that gives your skin a lot of TLC! 🤗

Do these skin problems (or others) embarrass you? 😬

Blackheads, whiteheads or acne and bumps

Itchy, Dry Areas on Your Face or Arms

Immune Driven Skin Rashes and Redness

Uneven Complexion and Sore Spots

When you heal the gut-skin axis, your complexion becomes more flawless, this is the key to how DermaScript works! 🏆

If you take Collagen Beauty Powder right now, you might be interested in the differences between DermaScript and that product --> Scroll below to learn more about what each product does.

Treating these issues with topical applications and creams will not fix them.
You need to beautify your skin, and to do so, you should start from the INSIDE OUT!
Three unique probiotic strains have been studied specifically for their skin-healing effects!

DermaScript contains all 3 strains in a natural patented complex called ProBeautyShield.
These special probiotics improve skin texture in multiple ways. You don't necessarily HAVE to have any skin condition to take this supplement!
Since it promotes a more flawless complexion, keep in mind that men, women and adolescents can benefit!

✔️ DermaScript is a full-spectrumskin-loving supplement*

Introducing DermaScript™ by Suzy Cohen, RPh
(It's like a youth-activating supplement!)

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Ships to USA 🇺🇸and Canada 🇨🇦

You may take DermaScript at any time of day or night. It should not interfere with sleep.

3 Scientifically⚕️Studied Ingredients in DermaScript™


For dark undereye circles, facial spots and elasticity*

SkinAx2™ is a patented, clinically proprietary blend of Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D.) which is a strong liver antioxidant that breaks up ROS (free radicals), which rescues your skin from harmful free radicals. The S.O.D. is derived from melons like cantaloupe, and it's combined with zinc and French 🍇grape seed extract. This is a clinically studied, patented ingredient imported from France 🇫🇷 specifically needed to activate more youthful skin. ✨

(Scroll below ⬇️ to see the before and after pictures for SkinAx)


Helps make keratin which forms hair, skin & nails*

Biotin helps your body manufacture keratin, which is a protein that makes up your hair and nails, as well as the outer layer of the skin. A biotin deficiency may cause one to develop hair loss, brittle nails or skin rashes. That's why this nutrient is in many beauty formulas. It may also impact (lower) blood sugar if taken in very high doses (> 5,000 mcg). DermaScript only contains 2,000 mcg of this famous skin-supporting nutrient.

SynBalance® ProBeautyShield Probiotic

Helps with dry skin, skin infections and gut-skin axis*

Probiotic complex for skin health works from within the gut-skin axis.* This results in increased skin hydration, smoothness and healthier skin flora.* It minimizes rashes, irritations, pimples and other atopic skin problems.*

Psychological stress and an unbalanced diet often adversely affect the gut microbiome. Loss of normalcy leads to intestinal permeability, endotoxins, inflammation and oxidative stress. In sensitive individuals, this cascade activates skin discomforts, skin rashes, allergies, oiliness and excess sebum.

Simplify your beauty routine --> take 2 caps daily, that's all you need!

DermaScript Loves Your Skin  

  • Formulated with critical skin-friendly probiotics.*
  • Microflora support for the gut-skin axis*
  • ​​Manufactured in an American FDA-inspected facility according to strict GMP regulations. Third party tested! 🇺🇸
  • Botanical formula with S.O.D., an antioxidant enzyme*
  • SkinAx2 for radiance, luminosity and elasaticity*
  • Dairy, Soy, Egg, Lactose, Corn, Nut and Gluten FREE
  • Contains NO stearates or machinery lubricating ingredients

Meet the Formulator for DermaScript

Suzy Cohen, RPh America's Pharmacist®

Author of "Thyroid Healthy," "Drug Muggers," "Diabetes Without Drugs," and others. 

Hi I'm Suzy Cohen...

I've been a pharmacist for 3 decades.
Everything I know about medications has gone into my supplement line, to create natural options without all the side effects!
I studied at the University of Florida and became licensed in 1985 as a Registered Pharmacist.
Over the years, I have worked in various settings such as retail pharmacy, hospital setting and nursing homes.

Since 1999, I've been writing a nationally syndicated (newspaper) column every week. I have written many natural health books, hundreds of blogs on alternative medicine, and appeared on major TV networks and shows.
Today I formulate dietary supplements and hold 4 patents on them!

Imagine this experience going into DermaScript🙌

DermaScript™ is a patent-pending blend of biotin, skin-loving probiotics and a special complex called SkinAx, which together work to rejuvenate your skin, improve acne, dry skin, irritation, redness and scaly rashes. Designed to promote optimal skin beauty and clarity.*

Taking 2 capsules daily means one bottle will last 30 days.⌛


DermaScript™ by Suzy Cohen contains 2 special ingredients: SynBalance® and SkinAx2™

Both ingredients are the patented and specifically optimized for luminous, beautiful, clear skin.*

DermaScript™ is a patent-pending blend of biotin, skin-loving probiotics and a special complex called SkinAx, which together work to rejuvenate your skin, improve acne, dry skin, irritation, redness and scaly rashes. Designed to promote optimal skin beauty and clarity.*

Taking 2 capsules daily means one bottle will last 30 days.⌛

SynBalance® ProBeautyShield 2.0 is the 2nd special ingredient which is a unique probiotic clinically studied for its beneficial effect on itching, redness, skin smoothness and hydration.* See images below from the study.

 Yes, I'd like DermaScript 🌸 

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From Jordyn:
"So far I'm happy. It was noticeable - it was the little bumps on my forehead and the fact that my oily zone wasn't as bad."

From Taylor:
"Dermascript worked better than any external topical products I have used.!

From Jill:
"The dry, itchy skin patches were about the size of a quarter. And now they are both gone! Like, GONE!"

From Mark:
"I was not sure if it would work but I tried a 2 week sample and my face looks more attractive and normal than it has the past 8 years. Wowza.."

⚠️ Nothing in this formula comes from China, although I have imported ingredients from France🇫🇷 and New Zealand🇳🇿 because they are incredibly healing with clinical studies to back them. It is manufactured in the USA🇺🇸 at an FDA inspected laboratory.

Are you taking Collagen Beauty Powder?
Are you wondering how that product compares to DermaScript? 

Yes, you can take both formulas together, just in case you're wondering.

Learn More about Collagen Beauty Powder

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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