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BRAND NEW PRODUCT! DermaScript™ is a patent-pending blend of biotin, skin-loving probiotics and a special complex to rejuvenate your skin, help with acne, dryness or oiliness, and fine lines. It may also help reduce the signs of dark cycles and itchy or scaly rashes. Even if you don't have those concerns, but would like the collagen-boosting effects and soft skin, DermaScript does that! While NOT a treatment for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or rosacea, this formula can support cytokine health which reduces redness and itchiness. This formula is contained in a special DR® Acid-Resistant Capsule so take it anytime, without regard to meals. It supports digestion too.*

Designed to promote optimal skin beauty and clarity.* 

  • Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules every day.
  • Contains Synbalance® ProBeautyShield (a probiotic blend) which enhances beautiful skin.*
  • Biotin in a highly absorbable form to help with food digestion as well as lovely hair, skin and nails.* 
  • Contains SkinAx2™ which is a French Grape Seed extract bound to Zinc, Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D) and Vitamin C. This complex has been clinically studied and found to improve an uneven texture, dark circles to some degree, and luminous, radiant skin.  

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Susan R.
United States United States
Derma Script

Wonderful product and feel it working already!

United States United States
Try it even if you think you don't need it

My skin is very clear, and I do not have any pimples or problems but I tried the sample and in the 1 week I noticed a huge difference in texture and color. My complexion is a little uneven, it is more red around my nose, and at times dry. But NOW my make up goes on smoother and my skin feels so soft and that redness is down, all in a week! Very surprised and impressed. I'm going to order big bottle for 2 of my friends for Christmas, and also my mom for the collagen effect.

Judith .
United States United States
This really works!

I 100% know these vitamins improved my skin. Since I started taking dermascript my breakouts have become less severe, my pores look smaller, and the redness around my face is way lighter! I noticed that a sore on my leg from where I dropped a box on it healed quickly. After I finished the bottle and was off it for a couple weeks the redness and breakouts came back again. Suzy's skin formula is WONDERFUL and I never want to be without.

Ash .
United States United States
Your skin will thank you

I'm tempted to take 3 per day, but right now so far I’ve noticed that taking 2 per day is working well and I think I see a lightening of some spots on my face, as well as the very dark circles I've had for the past few years. I deinitely look forward to staying on this creative vitamin. I like that it has the grape seed and sod.

Jordyn .
United States United States
Very noticeable and hopeful

So far, I'm happy. I 've been struggling with both oily and dry skin on my face. It's oily around my nose where I get pimples and it's dry on my cheeks and part of my forehead. I have tiny bumps on my face too, and one brown spot. My face is always something I've been concerned with especially in high school. It's never been good. Within a week of DermaScript, things calmed down. It was notiecable it was the little bumps on top and the fact that my oily zone wasn't as bad. I would have given this 5 stars but I haven't been on it long enough to say for sure what else it would do, so I put it on subscription to try it for another 2 months. Hopeful for the first time in my life.