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Vivid Peptide Eye Cream with Whitonyl 15ml

For Undereye Circles and Puffiness
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There are ingredients in Vivid to help with dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. So there will be an immediate ‘filling’ and hydrating action on the skin. With continued use, there will be a reduction in fine lines and laugh lines.

The peptides in Vivid work to boost collagen in the eye area. While nothing works exactly like Juvederm fillers and injections that are similar, this eye cream is something you can depend on for a natural, easy way to look more alert, and feel more confident.

The novel addition of ViaPure® Boswellia helps with free radicals and redness and puffiness. This is a strong anti-inflammatory. Combined with a lightening agent like Whitonyl® (derived from seaweed), the pigmentation beneath the darkened areas of your under eye will start to lighten. Help fight the signs of aging, UV rays, sun damage and aging with Vivid Peptide Eye Cream.

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For a complete list of ingredients, please see the image on this page. One featured ingredient is Whitonyl® which is a lightening agent that has been clinically proven to help with dark circles by inhibiting melanogenesis. Vivid also contains a natural ingredient called Bisabolol for instant redness reduction (which is also an ingredient in Collagen Beauty Peptdie Serum). Furthermore, Matrixyl-3000 is an anti-aging firming peptide that supports youthfulness.



Suggested Use: Apply to under eye area twice daily. You may follow with concealer or makeup if desired. Vivid may be applied at bedtime to nourish the fine lines of the delicate, fragile under eye skin during sleep.



Q: Can I refrigerate Vivid eye cream?
A: You do not have to, but the answer is yes, and this trick is sometimes done because application feels good on the under eye area after a long night out, or a bout of bad insomnia!

Q: At what age should I start using an eye cream?
A: This is a personal decision, usually mid-twenties or early thirties.

Q: Does this contain any perfume?
A: No, it is fragranced very mildly, using natural botanical ingredients.

Q: Can it be applied to the top of the lid too?
A: Yes.

Q: Where is the tube for the pump in my bottle?

A: There is no "traditional" pump in our Vivid Peptide Eye Cream bottle. It's what they call an "airless" pump. You may need to keep pumping it (sometimes up to 20+ times) for it to begin to work. Because there is no actual pump or "feed tube" in the bottle, please DO NOT take the top off as that only lets more air in, which just means you'll need to pump it a little more to get that extra air out.

Below is a link to a video explaining more about airless pumps and what to do if you find the pump is not working right away:

The Scientifically Studied Ingredients in VIVID Eye Cream with Whitonyl®

Whitonyl® Palmaria Palmata Extract 

Lighten and brighten beneath the eyes*

This is a temporary lightening agent that is naturally derived from dulse. Whitonyl contains xylose and galactose (2 sugars) from the palmaria palmata plant, and these have been found effective for controlling dark skin pigmentation beneath the eyes. The Whitonyl® also limits the amount of melanin -produced by melanocytes- and further brightens the undereye area. With continued use, you will enjoy greater clarity of skin, reduced yellow melanin production, improved dark circles and reduced pigmentation by UV rays, sun damage and aging.

ViaPure® Boswellia (frankincense)

For mature and sun-damaged skin*

ViaPure® Boswellia improves skin firmness, reduces redness and inflammation and protects the skin barrier. Also known as frankincense, this herbal extract fights against free radicals that can age you. It potently inhibits the release of leukotriene B4 and elastase from activated neutrophils and protects fragile skin cells. FYI, the elastase is a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down your skin matrix and ViaPure® prevents this tissue damage which would otherwise lead to loss of firmness and signs of aging. In one study, after 28 days, the elasticity of the skin had increased 15%.

Salicornia Extract (Saliporin-8)

Adds long-lasting hydration better than moisturizing*

Salicornia is part of the succulent plant kingdom and naturally grows in salt marshes, beaches and groves. This ingredient is specifically included in VIVID eye cream to protect skin cells from the element and increase water retention in the skin. It stimulates Aquaporin 3 and increases urea production in the skin cells. Plain moisturizers are temporary, whereas Saliporin-8 adds long-lasting suppleness.

Coffee Arabica Extract

Powerful depuffing and brightening agent*

Coffee extract provides minute amounts of caffeine which vasoconstricts the tiny capillaries underneath the eyes. This is one reason why VIVID eye cream works so quickly to diminish puffiness and dark circles. It will revitalize the look of tired-looking eyes. Coffee arabica is a natural herbal extract that also offers potent anti-inflammatory benefits to the undereye area. More specifically it reduces swelling and promotes blood flow creating a brighter, more youthful appearance to your face. If you're worried about potential jitters from caffeine, do not worry, there is not going to be any impact whatsoever on your cardiovascular system.

Green Tea Extract 

Potent antioxidant that depuffs and brightens*

Caffeine-rich green tea helps to provide all the benefits that coffee arabica does (see above), but it ALSO is a potent antioxidant. VIVID is packed with green tea extract to give you a more refreshed appearance. This compound not only protects skin cells from UV light and pollutants, but it's also included for it's depuffing and brightening action on the undereye area.

Matrixyl 3000

Boosts collagen and hyaluronic production*

Matrixyl activates your own skin's natural production of elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Plumper skin comes from collagen, and improved hydration (from hyaluronic acid) means less wrinkles, and a youthful look. You'll see a firmer, smoother look beneath and around the eye area with continued use. Helps with photoaging (sun damage), and age-related loss of elasticity, collagen and hydration.

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Elaine K.
United States United States

VIVID peptide eyecream

I love this cream. It is lightweight and moisturizing even for my sensitive skin. My lines and the health of my eye skin has improved so much. It is my go to cream. Thanks Suzy for another great product!!!

Susan H.
United States United States

Vivid eye

It is a very rich cream and helps with under eye swelling

Marita H.
United States United States

Simply the best!

From the very first application to many weeks since, yours is THE BEST EYE CREAM I have ever used! I look forward to using this product, AND Sleeping with Jack, every night. Thank you, Suzy for these amazing formulations. P.S. The older I get, the more compliments I receive on my skin. Double thanks!!

Terry J.
United States United States

I love the Vivid Peptide eye cream!

Lucinda K.
United States United States

I love this Vivid Peptide Eye Cream

Wow! This is a very special eye cream. It feels so nice on my skin and seems to brighten the area around my eyes. It's one of my top three must-have skin care products-I intend to always have it on hand. Peptides are so important and this is a brand I know I can trust.