Collagen Beauty Powder

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Collagen Beauty Powder may help to improve skin elasticity* 

Custom formulated, created for lovely hair, skin and nails
This product is patent-pending, using Verisol® brand of Collagen.
It’s pink from the fruit-based color of NordicCherry® Tart Cherry Extract

Suggested Use: 
Dissolve one scoop in eight ounces water, juice, tea, coffee, or a preferred beverage. This powder is soluble in both hot and cold liquids. It is not stimulating so you can take it morning or night, and it is unflavored.

Collagen Beauty Powder is UNFLAVORED
Significantly increase moisture* 

Achieve noticeably firmer and smoother skin*
Pretty (and strong) fingernails.*
Delay the signs of skin aging from the inside out*
Bioactive Collagen Peptides® reduce wrinkle depth after 4 weeks*


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