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Feel & Look Beautiful Naturally

Aging gracefully is easier said than done.
We all want to look good without having to do any treatments that are invasive, expensive or painful.

Do you look in the mirror and like what you see? What if your hair isn't as soft and shiny as it used to be? Or falling out faster?
What about your fingernails, do they break easily now?
Do you have deeper crow’s feet or wrinkles?

Sagging, fine lines, dry hair and nails that chip easily are all potential signs of collagen depletion.*

Look in the mirror and see if you have deeper lines or dull and dry skin?

If your skin is sagging or you have wrinkles, then it’s probably because you have ⬇️less collagen!* 

If you have cellulite or weak nails,then it’s because you have ⬇️ less collagen.*

If you’ve lost elasticity and plumpness in your skin, then it’s due to ⬇️ reduced collagen!*

Collagen protein makes up our skin.But as we age, ⬇️ production diminishes*

This is part of why we start to look old.

No one thinks about their collagen until it’s significantly depleted.
Once levels decline with age... you will certainly SEE IT then!

Sun worshippers, or those who've had radiation will notice accelerated signs of aging.
Drinking alcohol, smoking, or being post-menopausal further diminishes collagen production.
These factors increase the signs of aging.

Shots are not a good long-term solution!

Injections are seriously tempting. Years ago I tried Botox, and it was painful and $$$. The effect lasted just a few months. Then your wrinkles are back. If you get a botched job, it causes a weird mask-like facial effect.
I'm not judging anyone, I'm just pointing out that there might be easier, safer long-term solutions for fine lines, and other skin problems. As tempting as it is, there are risks of hypersensitivity and botched jobs.😟

Don't ignore the fact that Botox is a drug made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It's the same toxin ☠️ that causes a life-threatening type of food poisoning!

Suzy Cohen, RPh -  America's Pharmacist
Author, Syndicated Columnist and Formulator

I want to age gracefully just like you do. Being in the media and also passionate about natural remedies...... well, I've become obsessed with natural beauty options.

For that reason I've created a 10 second solution!

Hi I'm Suzy Cohen, and I'm 54 years old.That's me on the left and I don't use any injections, fillers or things like that.

The photographer used a normal portrait filter, but my picture is NOT photoshopped.

My secret for having flawless skin, hair and nails is COLLAGEN.
Collagen is the main protein in our body.
It's essential for vibrant hair, skin, and nails.
It keeps skin from sagging and drying out.

It also works systemically inside your body.
Since collagen is the primary structural protein of our connective tissue, it plays a critical role in keeping our blood vessels, stomach lining, cornea, and the discs in our back healthy.*

Imagine feeling more attractive PLUS not having to worry about these areas! 🙌

I have developed a 10 second solution: 10 seconds per day!
Collagen supplementation is my best beauty secret.

Be aware: Collagen Products Differ Dramatically
Some companies will do anything for a buck 🙁

Size Matters - Collagen Peptides Should Be Tiny

For example, does collagen from fish scales work as well as cows? Humans are mammals.

Does the brand you take contain collagen from various animals in one spoon (ie birds, pigs, chicken, cows, and fish). It's a little weird.

Is it Type I and Type III, or something else? Only those work in the skin.

Are they selling you collagen or peptides? Only the peptides will be absorbed and form collagen inside the cell.(
Collagen is too big to actually get inside).

Will the collagen survive your stomach acid?

Is the supplement company transparent, meaning will they show you their Certificate of Analysis (I will!)

What’s the size of the peptide making up the collage? This is important because large peptides don’t penetrate cell membranes.

What part of the animal does the collagen come from? Blood or hide?
What inactive fillers are used in the formula? 

Is there magnesium stearate in it, which can hinder its absorption?
Is it hydrolyzed and agglomerated? It should be.

Read the label of your current brand.
The issues above would make anyone nervous 😬

I became so disgusted with the collagen products I was consuming, that I literally stopped supplementing with it for 14 months. Why?
So I could create my own clean formula!

It’s available now, and I’m beyond excited! 😛
Is it for women only? Nah!
Men can take it too if they want to be more naturally handsome
You are going to L.O.V.E this formula!❤️
There’s nothing else like it on the market - it's a beauty supplement.
And, my collagen is derived ethically and safely from free range bovine hide.

Introducing Collagen Beauty Powder™ by Suzy Cohen, RPh

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Over 774 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ REVIEWS

CLEAN - made without any fillers!

Suggested Use:
Dissolve one scoop in eight ounces water, juice, tea, coffee, or a preferred beverage.

This powder is soluble in both hot and cold liquids. It is not stimulating so you can take it morning or night, and it is unflavored. It will take you 10 seconds to mix!

4 Scientifically Studied Ingredients in Collagen Beauty Powder™

Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides 2500 mg

Helps Reduce Eye Wrinkles*

The main active ingredient in Collagen Beauty Powder™ is a special type of collagen called Verisol® by Gelita, which I import from Germany. The dose used in their studies was 2500 mg, exactly what I've put into my formula.

Verisol® collagen consists of tiny, unique peptides that have been optimized for beauty applications.* They're tiny because of a patented hydrolyzation process that allows them to penetrate the dermal layer.

Clinically shown: Verisol® may reduce eye wrinkles within 4 weeks.*

NordicCherry™ Tart Cherry Extract 500mg

Healthy Inflammatory Response*

Cherries contain phytonutrients that help maintain a healthy inflammatory response in the body, and target skin-damaging free radicals.*

There is substantial antioxidant protection* and cherries impart a natural, pink tint 🍒 to this UNFLAVORED formula. Tart cherry extract has been studied for its role in post-exercise muscle recovery, healthy sleep patterns, and joint support, including the joints impacted in gout.*

Vitamin C 60mg

Collagen Matrix Protection*

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant found in citrus fruits, like oranges and lemons.* It’s also required for collagen and elastin synthesis and improves the collagen matrix. It can help with damage from UV exposure.

Vitamin C supports skin health and provides antioxidant protection.* Its healthy aging effects on our skin, as well as our ligaments, tendons, and capillaries are undeniable.* We have to get C from diet or supplementation because we can't manufacture it in the body. 🧡

Hyaluronic Acid 100mg

Natural Skin Cell Lubricant*

Hyaluronic acid is like a sponge. It helps your skin cells retain water, thereby plumping it!* Hyaluronic acid absorbs about a thousand times its own weight in water!* There's 100 mg in every scoop of Collagen Beauty Powder™

Your eyes are supposed to have a lot of this natural lubricant and shock absorber. If they don't, you might have dry, irritated eyes. As we age, we lose hyaluronic acid 💧 which is part of the explanation why wounds and cuts don’t heal as quickly as they did in our youth.

Collagen, the most abundant protein in your body, supports the entire skeleton, joints, skin matrix, hair, and nails.*

Collagen Beauty Powder is Unique

  • Contains the an orally consumed collagen peptide specifically optimized for skin improvement*

  • Formulated for your skin, hair, and nails.
  • Delay the signs of skin aging from the inside out*
  • Significantly increase the skin's moisture*
  • Dairy, Soy, Egg, Lactose, Corn, Nut and Gluten FREE

Mix it in water or food - this will take you 10 seconds!

Collagen Beauty Powder = Pretty 🥰
It takes just 10 seconds a day to prepare!

Collagen Beauty Powder™ has more than 774 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews

† Because these results represent the experience of one individual, your results might vary.

A few recent reviews for Collagen Beauty Powder

From Marta:
"I love Collagen Beauty Powder. I have it every morning in my coffee.

My skin and nails look much better.I would not be without it."

From Deborah:
"Great product!

My hair grows fast and my skin looks much better."

From Linda:
"My nails are starting to improve. I hope that my hair will too.I will keep taking it. I know that suzy products are made with quality. She cares."

From Genevieve:
"My hair was falling out by the handful. Within a short amount of time after taking the collagen, my hair stopped falling out. Also my eyebrows and eyelashes started coming back."

Beyond Skin Benefits:

  • ​Manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility according to strict GMP regulations
  • Formulated for your skin, hair, and nails.
  • Supports healthy joint function and gastrointestinal function*
  • Collagen Beauty Powder is gluten-free
  • ​Made with non GMO ingredients
  • Optimal effects seen within 2 months
  • Pink color: Fruit-based Tart Cherry Extract

Individual response varies. Your results may differ.
Optimal effects at 12 weeks

What’s Different About Collagen Beauty Powder?

It contains Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides which have been studied for their effect on skin and wrinkles.*

The Verisol collagen is mixed with NordicCherry® Tart Cherry Extract, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid because this combination provides you with a synergistic effect on skin, wrinkling, cellulite, nails, and hair.*

Collagen Beauty Powder targets many beauty concern for women (and men who don’t mind a pink drink).#notbeer🍺😂

Actually, the powder is pink, but when you mix it in water, it dissolves clear. The formula is pink though, because it contains Tart Cherries, an extract that imparts a natural fruit-based color (as opposed to carmine, a bug-derived colorant used by others).


Collagen Beauty Powder™ contains as its MAIN ingredient the world's leading form of collagen: Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides®

It is the ONLY orally consumed Collagen Peptide specifically optimized for skin improvement*

Oral Supplementation of Specific Collagen Peptides Has Beneficial Effects on Human Skin Physiology: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study
Proksch E., Segger D., Degwert J., Schunck M., Zague V., Oesser S. Skin Pharmacol Physiology, August 2013

Ingredient Thyroid Script HashiScript
Iodine 500 mcg ZERO
Adaptogen (adrenal)
DPP-IV (gluten/casein)
Pancreatin (digestion)
Immune support
Vitamin D

Verisol® has been studied in clinical trials. One study, with 69 women ages 35-55, found that Verisol led to significantly higher skin elasticity – up to 15 percent – compared to a placebo.

This effect could be measured after just 4 weeks of treatment and persisted after 8 weeks of taking it.
Another 4 weeks after last taking it, Verisol collagen STILL showed higher skin elasticity levels than the placebo group.
Skin elasticity increased significantly after oral VERISOL® treatment in comparison to placebo administration.

Oral Supplementation of Specific Collagen Peptides Has Beneficial Effects on Human Skin Physiology: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study
Proksch E., Segger D., Degwert J., Schunck M., Zague V., Oesser S. Skin Pharmacol Physiology, August 2013

Ingredient Thyroid Script HashiScript
Iodine 500 mcg ZERO
Adaptogen (adrenal)
DPP-IV (gluten/casein)
Pancreatin (digestion)
Immune support
Vitamin D

A second study, of 100 middle-aged women, found that taking 2500 mg of Verisol® daily, significantly reduced wrinkles after 4 weeks and led to a significantly higher skin pro-collagen concentration.

The collagen in the skin may increase by 60%

One-Way ANOVA, Fischer post-test, publication pending

Ingredient Thyroid Script HashiScript
Iodine 500 mcg ZERO
Adaptogen (adrenal)
DPP-IV (gluten/casein)
Pancreatin (digestion)
Immune support
Vitamin D

Having strong and long fingernails is part of feeling attractive.
Applying acrylic, shellac or gel has become very common as a method of strengthening nails. The Bioactive Collagen Peptides found in Collagen Beauty Powder can help improve the growth and health of your fingernails.*

These positive effects were shown in a study conducted on Verisol® collagen (the main ingredient inside my formula Collagen Beauty Powder™). After 2 months, women experienced a 42% reduction of cracking/chipping.
After 3 months, there was a significant improvement in the speed of nail growth.(71 % pateints said their nails grew faster and became longer)
Peeling also improved by 80%.

Overall 80 % of the patients were completely satisfied and satisfied with Verisol® treatment 💅This "Verisol" is the Type of collagen in: Collagen Beauty Powder™ - Take 1 scoop daily.

Whereas, most cellulite products address microcirculation or drainage, Verisol collagen directly stimulates the extracellular matrix formation in skin.*

Collagen Beauty Powder™ contains the full dose of 2500mg of Verisol Collagen as it's main ingredient!

Ingredient Thyroid Script HashiScript
Iodine 500 mcg ZERO
Adaptogen (adrenal)
DPP-IV (gluten/casein)
Pancreatin (digestion)
Immune support
Vitamin D

Cellulite Products Adress Circulation, However......

Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides directly stimulate the extracellular matrix formation in skin.

In a double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled study, 105 women ages 25 - 50 participated. The results found that Verisol helped restore normal structure of the women’s dermis and subcutaneous tissue.*

Supplementation also appeared to help reduce skin waviness in three months in women with a BMI < 25.*

These effects were even more pronounced after 6 months. (FYI, exfoliation and dry brushing could further improve the look of cellulite).

Ultrasound scans showed positive changes in dermal density, meaning there was an increase in elastin and collagen that was clearly visible!*

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Experience extraordinary benefits with visible results in 4 to 6 weeks.
The formula contains 4 skin-loving ingredients, each has been scientifically studied for their effect on skin health.*

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Collagen Beauty Powder™

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