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BRAND NEW PRODUCT! One bottle lasts 30 days  
™ is a patent-pending blend of biotin, skin-loving probiotics (ProBeautyShield) and a special complex of antioxidants called SkinAx, which helps to rejuvenate your skin, help with acne, dryness or oiliness, and fine lines. It may also help reduce the signs of dark cycles and itchy or scaly rashes. Even if you don't have those concerns, but would like the collagen-boosting effects and soft skin, DermaScript does that! May reduce sensitivity, redness and itchiness. Ingredients are in a special DR® Acid-Resistant Capsule so you may take it anytime, without regard to meals. 

Designed to improve wound healing and give you a clear, beautiful complexion:

  • Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules every day.
  • Contains Synbalance® ProBeautyShield a probiotic blend of 3 different strains to enhance beautiful skin.*
  • Biotin helps with food digestion and lovely hair, skin and nails.* 
  • Contains SkinAx2™ which is a French Grape Seed extract bound to Zinc, Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D) and Vitamin C. This complex has been clinically studied and found to improve an uneven texture, dark circles to some degree, and luminous, radiant skin. Vitamin C improves collagen.
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it works great!

i used to have breaks out especially when my period is about to come.thanks to this product Derma Script i feel happy now without bumps on my face

Beverly J.
United States United States
My Opinion

I like the productt

Henry Z.
United States United States
Derma Script

My husband purchased Derma Script for Me For sometime I didn't see anything happening but I use that and Collegen Beauty and I'm beginning to see a big difference in my face. I had white patches on my chin and it's gone away for the most part, plus I had red on my chin and it's gone. I don't know if it's Derma Scrpt or both but I plan on continuing them both. Thank you Suzy for these products . I recommend both. Nothing has worked before.

Deborah L.
United States United States

I only take one a day but am seeing a difference. I don't have as much redness and overall, my skin looks much better. I also take a collagen supplement every day and use your Vivid Peptide eye cream and Collagen Beauty peptide serum. Thank you for making such great products!

Walter H.
United States United States
Better Skin

For the original reason I took this product, most of my rashes and itching have disappeared. There were, also, a few unexpected improvements in my skin. 1.) I'm 76 and for decades the backs of my hands were full of wrinkles, like those of a 90 year old; now they're noticeably smoother. 2.) I had a half inch brown skin discoloration next to my right eye, on the right temple; that's gone. It looks like your formula works.