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Collagen Beauty Bundle

Boost Collagen Synthesis Inside/Out
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This beauty bundle is extraordinary, it includes 2 items that work from the inside and outside! Because they are grouped here as a “bundle” you save money as compared to buying them one at a time.

The results on your skin will be visibly noticeable much faster by using the facial serum along with the collagen-boosting powder. The advantage of Collagen Beauty Powder is that this supplement utilizes Verisol® bioactive collagen peptides which have been clinically studied and proven to help with wrinkles on the skin. It is not vegan, like all collagen peptides, it is animal-derived (bovine hide).

The pink color of the UNFLAVORED powder is due to the addition of tart cherry extract. This provides a 100% natural dye to the formula, and also confers health benefits to your joints. It contains a small amount of Vitamin C as well, since that antioxidant is useful to enhance collagen production.

As for Collagen Beauty Peptide Serum, this is a remarkable serum that contains anti-aging ingredients as well as a needle-free filler compound that works temporarily but also immediately! It is called Neodermyl®

When the serum is applied once daily (or even twice daily if you wish to), and the powder is taken as a dietary supplement, results may be noticed within the first week or two! This combination is unbeatable! Most people don’t need anything else, other than these two items.

There are sometimes people with really challenging skin, perhaps it’s genetic, or due to UVA/UVB skin damage, or maybe due to hormones. Regardless, if you find yourself in this category, and you would like to improve hair, skin and nails even moreso, consider adding a bottle of Vitamin C for even more enhanced collagen production. If you have problem skin, or acne, or an uneven complexion, you will love DermaScript capsules which are amazing! We get many positive reviews from people with immune-driven, tough-to-fix skin conditions that are on the face and/or all over the body.


See the images on this page for more details.

You will receive a full tub of Collagen Beauty Powder® which is a 30 day supply.

You will also receive a full 1 oz container of Collagen Beauty Peptide Serum which is a 30 day supply.


The Collagen Beauty Bundle comes with the following products, and you can put them on AutoShip if you really want to get the best price:

1) Collagen Beauty Powder® - Take 1 scoop daily and mix it in juice or water. It is unflavored. This is NOT vegan, just like all collagen products on the market, they come from animals, or animal hide. Verisol® is not suitable for vegans.

2) Collagen Beauty Peptide Serum® Apply to your face/neck in the morning and at bedtime. One bottle will last at least a month if applied this way.

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Sharon M.
United States United States


I really like your products. They seem to be very good quality.

Helen M.
United States United States

Collagen Beauty Powder

I’ve had weak nails my entire life and I can’t help but believe that the Collagen Beauty Powder has helped them to be a little stronger.My thumb nails are hopeless but I’ll take what I can get! Thank you.

Mary H.
United States United States

Great Product

I love the way the beauty serum glides on my skin. I have not noticed big changes yet, but my skin looks really good for my age.

nancy c.
United States United States


Good. I see less spots on my face

Victoria A.
United States United States


I have been using this product for several years now, and I believe it really helps my skin and hair and nails. I am sure it benefits my body in many ways, and I will continue to use it and many of your other products to keep me healthy. Thank you, Suzie.