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There are ingredients in Vivid to help with dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. So there will be an immediate ‘filling’ and hydrating action on the skin. With continued use, there will be a reduction in fine lines and laugh lines.

The peptides in Vivid work to boost collagen in the eye area. While nothing works exactly like Juvederm fillers and injections that are similar, this eye cream is something you can depend on for a natural, easy way to look more alert, and feel more confident.

The novel addition of ViaPure® Boswellia helps with free radicals and redness and puffiness. This is a strong anti-inflammatory. Combined with a lightening agent like Whitonyl® (derived from seaweed), the pigmentation beneath the darkened areas of your under eye will start to lighten. Help fight the signs of aging, UV rays, sun damage and aging with Vivid Peptide Eye Cream.

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For a complete list of ingredients, please see the image on this page. One featured ingredient is Whitonyl® which is a lightening agent that has been clinically proven to help with dark circles by inhibiting melanogenesis. Vivid also contains a natural ingredient called Bisabolol for instant redness reduction (which is also an ingredient in Collagen Beauty Peptdie Serum). Furthermore, Matrixyl-3000 is an anti-aging firming peptide that supports youthfulness.



Suggested Use: Apply to under eye area twice daily. You may follow with concealer or makeup if desired. Vivid may be applied at bedtime to nourish the fine lines of the delicate, fragile under eye skin during sleep.



Q: Can I refrigerate Vivid eye cream?
A: You do not have to, but the answer is yes, and this trick is sometimes done because application feels good on the under eye area after a long night out, or a bout of bad insomnia!

Q: At what age should I start using an eye cream?
A: This is a personal decision, usually mid-twenties or early thirties.

Q: Does this contain any perfume?
A: No, it is fragranced very mildly, using natural botanical ingredients.

Q: Can it be applied to the top of the lid too?
A: Yes.

Q: Where is the tube for the pump in my bottle?

A: There is no "traditional" pump in our Vivid Peptide Eye Cream bottle. It's what they call an "airless" pump. You may need to keep pumping it (sometimes up to 20+ times) for it to begin to work. Because there is no actual pump or "feed tube" in the bottle, please DO NOT take the top off as that only lets more air in, which just means you'll need to pump it a little more to get that extra air out.

Below is a link to a video explaining more about airless pumps and what to do if you find the pump is not working right away:

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Dorothy T.
United States United States

Vivid Peptide Eye Cream

Have only been using for a short time; however, I have seen some improvement. Will continue to use.

Barbara A.
United States United States

Brighter skin around the eyes!

I’m hyper sensitive to many products especially cosmetics. This eye cream is gentle and non irritating for me and definitely perks up the under eye area. Dark circles are gone. Area above eyes is brighter too. Keep the product away from the eyes and gently pat ( don’t rub) it on. The cream absorbs well.

Alice S.
Canada Canada

Vivid peptide eye cream

Fast shipping on product. Noticeable difference within a few days. BUT ..the bottles have no stem attached to the pump. Using a glass rod to access the cream. Other wise excellent product.pleased with the results..


Suzy Cohen

Hi Alice, Thanks for the nice comment. There are important advantages to stemless bottles which are termed AIRLESS PUMP dispensers. For example, the ability to dispense the product at any angle, and it is ideal for eye creams. It allows for NO chemical preservatives and extends the shelf life. Airless pump dispensers were chosen for Vivid to help one dispense the same exact amount with each pump and also they hold the advantage of you using significantly less product so it lasts longer (and without contamination by the glass rod). Hope this explains why you do not see the 'stem' attached to the pump. It is a more expensive but effective and beneficial method to dispense eye creams.

Gail R.
United States United States

Great Eye Cream

This product feels so soothing and comforting around my eyes. I always feel I am nourishing my skin every time I apply it. I love it!

United States United States

Love Vivid Peptide Eye Cream!

I have bought this product numerous times now, because I really love it. It moisturizes the skin around my eyes without being greasy. I also am very sensitive to some eye creams and moisturizers--they cause my eyes to water or itch. This product doesn't make my eyes water or itch.