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Thyroid Script™ is our flagship product, and a best-seller! It contains synergistic blend of herbs, nutrients and digestive enzymes representing a scientific breakthrough for healthy thyroid function, adrenal function and food metabolism.* All of the minerals and vitamins are provided in their biologically active form. This means they are body-ready, and has never been done before in a thyroid supplement, making this formula an exceptional blend to activate T3 conversion.*  

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KSM-66® Ashwagandha Root for stress and thyroid glandular health

BioCore® DPPIV Protease enzyme for digestion

Resveratrol enhances thyroid function and TSH secretion by activating sirtuins

L-Tyrosine and Iodine for T4 production and faster metabolism

Grape Seed Extract for brain, arteries and skin health

Mullein Leaf for thyroid glandular support

Methylcobalamin -a quality form of methylated Vitamin B12 

Pyridoxal-5 Phosphate which is the body ready form of Vitamin B6 supports nerve health

Zinc for thyroid hormone production

Selenomethionine (selenium) works with zinc for improved quality of life

Chelated Manganese by Albion® is an essential trace mineral

Chelated Molybdenum by Albion® is an essential trace mineral


Take 2 capsules every day without regard to meals. You may take them both at once, or split the dose up during the day. If drowsiness occurs, this is due to the ashwagandha which is very relaxing to some people. If this is the case for you, please take Thyroid Script at night so you can enjoy more restful sleep.  One bottle contains 60 capsules.


Q:  Can I take both HashiScript® and Thyroid Script™ ?
A:  Possibly. Thyroid Script supports healthy levels of thyroid hormone, as well as adrenal gland function.*  HashiScript is an iodine-free blend of digestive enzymes and antioxidants that support healthy levels of peroxide.*  If you decide to take both these supplements, take ONE of them first for several weeks until you feel comfortable, then add the other supplement in.* 

Not everyone needs both of these supplements. As for dosage, begin each product with just one capsule and increase to two caps if desired, or directed your practitioner.

Q:  Can I take both HashiScript® and Thyroid Script™ ?
A:  Possibly. Thyroid Script supports healthy levels of thyroid hormone, as well as adrenal gland function.*  HashiScript is an iodine-free blend of digestive enzymes and antioxidants that support healthy levels of peroxide.*  If you decide to take both these supplements, take ONE of them first for several weeks until you feel comfortable, then add the other supplement in.* 

Not everyone needs both of these supplements. As for dosage, begin each product with just one capsule and increase to two caps if desired, or directed your practitioner.

Q:  What is the main reason someone should take Thyroid Script?
A:  Thyroid Script is a one-of-a-kind nutritional supplement that supports healthy thyroid function and the natural absorption and activation of thyroid hormone.*  Thyroid Script also supports a healthy metabolism, which can assist weight management efforts, while also promoting energy production and brain function.*

Q:  Can I take Thyroid Script if I am also taking a prescription thyroid medication?
A:  It’s possible that you may be able to take both; however, taking Thyroid Script in addition to a prescription thyroid medication must be discussed with your health-care practitioner.  Although Thyroid Script does not provide your body with thyroid hormone, it does contain nutrients that promote the formation of inactive thyroid hormone (T4), while also protecting your thyroid gland and liver so you can more efficiently make, activate, and use thyroid hormone.* 

This makes it easier for your body to produce and utilize active thyroid hormone (T3).*  This in turn supports weight management, body temperature, cognitive health, energy production, and lipid health, common situations among individuals struggling to maintain healthy thyroid function.*

Q:  Can I take Thyroid Script at night?
A:  It’s up to you. Because Thyroid Script contains ingredients that can give you a sense of energy or well-being,* most individuals don’t take it at night.  For some individuals, however, the ashwagandha in it can make a person drowsy, so if you notice that it makes you drowsy, then yes, take it at night or bedtime.  Ashwagandha can also help provide a more restful, deeper sleep.*  But again, most individuals who take it feel a heightened sense of alertness,* so you will just have to experiment and see how you feel on it. 

Q:  Should I start with taking two capsules of Thyroid Script at the same time?
A:  Most individuals do start with two capsules; however, if you're sensitive to things, start with 1 capsule in the morning and see how you feel the first few days. You can even empty out half of one capsule for an even lower serving size, if you’re extremely sensitive, and then you can increase thereafter.  The optimal serving size for most individuals is 2 capsules daily, however sometimes we hear that 1 capsule per day worked well.  The reason for the variance is because every individual has their own baseline level of thyroid hormone, as well as varying rates of T3 conversion.* 

Q:  Does Thyroid Script contain any allergens?
A:  Thyroid Script does not contain milk, egg, fish, gluten, corn, peanuts, crustacean shellfish, soybeans, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, or rice.  In addition, Thyroid Script does not contain hidden fillers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors, or sugar. 

Q:  Does Thyroid Script contain any animal glandulars derived from cow or pork?
A:  No, there are no animal glandulars of any sort in any of my Script Essentials formulas.  I do not believe that glandulars are safe for everyone, especially if someone has multiple medical issues.  Furthermore, there is the risk of reacting adversely to foreign animal tissue or the risk of there being bacterial contamination of animal tissue.  Animal glands can have the residues of every pollutant the animal was exposed to.  As good as quality control evaluations are, laboratories simply cannot test for all the different possible contaminants, so for this reason, Thyroid Script does not contain animal glandulars. 

Q:  What is DPPIV, the so-called “special ingredient” in Thyroid Script?
A:  Your body has its own natural digestive enzyme for gluten called “dipeptidyl peptidase-IV” or DPPIV.  Individuals who are deficient in this enzyme have trouble breaking down difficult-to-digest proteins.  Partial digestion of gluten can exasperate the gastrointestinal tract, inflame the small intestine, launch an immune response, and attack the thyroid gland.  The inclusion of DPPIV is intended to help your body metabolize gluten.* 

Q:  Because Thyroid Script supports energy-producing pathways in the body, does it contain stimulants like ephedra, guarana, or caffeine?
A:  No, Thyroid Script does not contain any of those stimulants, nor does it contain yohimbine, bitter orange, kola nut, or khat.  There are no stimulants in Thyroid Script.  I am not opposed to these natural stimulants, I simply don’t see the need for them in this formula because Thyroid Script is designed to help your body produce, activate, and integrate thyroid hormone,* so there is no need for a stimulant. 

Q:  Why are there only small amounts of tyrosine and iodine in Thyroid Script compared to other supplements on the market?
A:  As an expert in thyroid health, I know that most individuals are fully capable of making thyroid hormone from these two compounds when you get them in your diet.  The problem for many individuals, however, is activating thyroid hormone to its biologically active form, and then getting it into the cells and the mitochondria.*  The nutrients in Thyroid Script not only assist you in producing some thyroid hormone, they also assist you in using the thyroid hormone you have.*

Q:  Is Thyroid Script vegan?
A:  Yes, Thyroid Script is vegan.

Q:  How much iodine is in Thyroid Script and why is it in there?  Is it safe for a person with Hashimoto’s?
A:  Most individuals are a bit low in iodine due to dietary or medication interference so the addition of a small amount of iodine is included in the Thyroid Script formula.  Iodine is used to build T4 hormone (thyroxine), which is naturally secreted from the thyroid gland.*  Iodine is also needed to convert the inactive T4 hormone to T3 hormone (the biologically active thyroid hormone).*  There are only 500 micrograms of iodine in Thyroid Script.  While it might appear that this amount is high – because the Daily Value amount indicated on the label is 333 percent – it is really not that much iodine. 

You should realize that stand-alone iodine supplements typically contain as much as 11 milligrams of iodine in them!  That’s a lot, and individuals take those iodine supplements one to four times daily depending on their iodine requirements.  So with Thyroid Script having only 500 micrograms, that’s only four percent of the amount of iodine you might get from a standard over-the-counter iodine supplement, so yes, that amount is safe.  In addition, individuals with Hashimoto’s can often benefit from a small amount of iodine, but the answer to this type of question is for your health-care practitioner.

Q:  How do I determine if the iodine in Thyroid Script is too much for me?
A:  There are only 500 micrograms of iodine in Thyroid Script.  Compare that to 11 milligrams of iodine in most iodine supplements.  There are 1,000 micrograms in one milligram, by the way.  So the amount of iodine in Thyroid Script is only four percent the amount of iodine in most other stand-alone iodine supplements. 

To help you compare, here’s the amount of iodine you get from food:  (1) the dried seaweed in a sushi roll has 4,500 mcg iodine; (2) one cup of yogurt contains about 80 mcg iodine; (3) three ounces of cod contains about 100 mcg; (4) ¼ teaspoon of iodized salt contains about 70 mcg.  Symptoms of excess iodine consumption include diarrhea, stomach upset, palpitations, acne, and thirst.

Q:  Is it okay to take Thyroid Script if I am also taking Script Essentials’ Selenium product?
A:  No.  You should not take both products – take one or the other, but not both.  There is plenty of selenium in Thyroid Script so there is no need to also be taking Selenium. 

Q:  Is it okay to take Thyroid Script if I am also taking your Iodine Complex formula too?
A:  There is very little iodine in Thyroid Script, so if you have been tested and told by your health-care practitioner that you need more iodine, then it would be okay to take both supplements.  They can even be taken at the same time, such as with a meal. 

Q:  Must I continue taking Thyroid Script forever?
A:  No, the formula contains an adrenal adaptogen that helps nourish your body over a period of time, perhaps 6 months. It also helps with thyroid hormone activation. Some people can stop taking it, while others don't want to. It is very individual, and there are no harmful effects from taking it on a daily basis. Unlike other formula for thyroid, Thyroid Script does NOT shut down your own production of hormone, it simply helps activate more T3 conversion, while supporting stress (adrenal) function.* You may start and stop the formula any time. 

The Scientifically Studied Ingredients in Thyroid Script™


Required for Thyroxine Synthesis*

L-Tyrosine is part of the molecular structure of thyroid hormone "thyroxine" or T4. You cannot make thyroid hormone without adequate amounts of Tyrosine. This is also useful to improve levels of dopamine, a "happy" neurotransmitter.* Tyrosine benefits mood by enhancing alertness, attention and focus.* This is because it helps important nerve cells communicate a little better.*

KSM 66® Ashwagandha

Helps Support Adrenal Health*

This is a special type of ashwagandha which is an adaptogenic herb. It's the most clinically studied brand on the market, studied in 22 gold standard human clinical trials! It is certified as non GMO, gluten free and USDA organic. Ashwagandha has an impressively broad range of applications including muscle recovery, memory, cognition, anti-aging benefits, and thyroid health.*

BioCore® DPP-IV Protease

Healthy Cytokine and GI Response*

Natural support for gluten-sensitive individuals, or those with casein-sensitivities (from cheese and dairy). This enzyme DPP-IV helps break down gluten fragments in normal digestive systems.* Doing so helps to promote a healthy cytokine balance to support gastrointestinal comfort and function even if you desire to eat gluten and dairy containing meals.* The amount of gluten and casein proteins that are ingested will be lessened by approximately 20 - 30%. 

Iodine and Zinc Minerals

Improve T4 Production and T3 Activation*

Zinc and iodine are two minerals that are required for the conversion of T4 to T3, which is called "activation." If you're thyroid hormone is not activated, the symptoms of thyroid insufficiency persists. Coexisting deficiencies of zinc and iodine impair thyroid function and DNA health.* The iodine is what forms the molecule of thyroid hormone. Just FYI, vegetarians and vegans are sometimes low in these minerals. Hair growth may suffer in cases of thyroid deficiency.*

Resveratrol and Grape Seed

Natural Antioxidant Protection*

Resveratrol and grape seed provide antioxidant protection for the thyroid gland.

Animal model studies consistently suggest that animals treated with grape seed and/or resveratrol show significantly less thyroid tissue damage, thus the antioxidants are exerting a protective role against damage by toxins.* It's also thought to promote brain and heart function.* 

Mullein Root 

Support healthy thyroid structure and function.*

Mullein has been shown to support lung mucus secretion and upper respiratory health.* Mullein may support healthy levels of cytokines (inflammation)* and has been studied for its effects on the thyroid gland and most specifically for nodule structures.*  Mullein has also been used to alleviate certain types of pain, such as joint pain and headaches.

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Life Changing

These supplements as well as reading Thyroid Healthy have been life changers. My doctor's eyes lit up on my last office visit. He'd said there wasn't anything medically to be done...yet I showed up feeling great and 8 pounds lighter. Totally different life after months of exhaustion & weight gain.

Lisa B.
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Great product!!

I love that Thyroid Script helps to prevent my hair from falling out.

Heather G.
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Excellent Ingredients

I have had problems with my energy levels for over ten years now. This helps to support my nutritional needs when I remember to go back and take it.

Torsten W.
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Memory Script™ 14 Caps

works for me. Also, Suzy is my favorite pharmacist...she truly likes to help people.

Betty A. Lease
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Superb Thyroid Support

This is the best supplement for me. Without it, I feel like a walking zombie. My body is more awake and active when I take it and I see very positive results with the way my hair and skin looks. Without it I am less perky.