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Sleep Script® is a patented dietary supplement that contains a synergistic blend of calming botanicals and nutrients to support optimal sleep and promote normal circadian rhythm* This custom formula is like no other. It contains melatonin plus critical sleep-restorative herbs and amino acids to optimize circadian rhythm.

There are absolutely NO anticholinergic (drying) effects like dry mouth, dry eyes, constipation, blurry vision, etc. This is a common complaint of other sleep formulas, but it does not happen with Sleep Script! Further, there is no valerian in this product, so therefore there is no bad smell. Again, this is typical of other sleep aids on the market.

Best of all, this formula is not habit forming, so you can take it only on the nights you need to induce relaxation and drowsiness. Maintain a healthy sleep cycle, induce Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and rest your legs all night long due to increases in sleep hormones such as melatonin and GABA.


The main ingredients include those that can restore circadian rhythm cycles, induce refreshing sleep, and ease restless leg muscles. They include:

Passionflower which increase GABA
Chamomile which contains apigenin and is relaxing
5-HTP which can promote sleep Melatonin which induces sleep
L-theanine relaxes mood and quiets thoughts
Lemonbalm relaxes smooth muscles and acts like an anxiolytic
Ingredients synergistically relax legs too.   


Take 1 or 2 capsules 30 to 60 minutes before desired sleep. Do not mix with alcohol or other prescribed sedatives due to intensified effect.


Q. Can I take Sleep Script regularly or is it only for temporary use?
A. Sleep Script can be taken on a long-term basis, particularly if you believe it is increasing the quality and the quantity of your sleep.

Q. Is Sleep Script like some OTC sleep aids where you have to taper off?
A. No. There are no ingredients in Sleep Script that cause dependence, so you may stop taking it anytime you want. Take it only on the nights you desire more refreshing sleep.

Q. Can I take Sleep Script with a prescription or OTC sleep aid?
A. We do not recommend combining Sleep Script with other sleep aids due to enhanced (and detrimental) effects on respiration and heart rhythm. Ask your practitioner what is best for you.

Q. Is it okay to drink alcohol when I take Sleep Script?
A. We do not recommend this. The combination of Sleep Script® and alcohol will increase the depressant action of alcohol on your central nervous system and interfere with breathing.

Q. Can I take Sleep Script during the day to help me rest or relax?
A. Yes, you may. Many people do this because 1 capsule has a very calming effect on the nervous system. Of course, be aware that this formula is intended to cause some degree of drowsiness, and impairment to motor function, therefore you should not drive a car or operate machinery while taking Sleep Script or any other sedative that your physician orders.

Q. Can I take more than 2 capsules per night?
A. If you wake up in the middle of the night and want to take another capsule, you may. Do not exceed 3 capsules per evening.

Q. Can I take Sleep Script if I’m pregnant or nursing?
A. This is a question that you must ask your personal physician or OB/GYN.

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Daniel S.
United States United States


Wonderful peaceful sleep… my sleep numbers bed says I’m sleeping more.

Haydee S.
United States United States

Sleep Script Tranquility

I ordered my first order of Sleep Script Tranquility about 1 1/2 years ago. I take 1 capsule about 30 minutes before going to sleep. I was so happy to find that I just fell into a "tranquil" sleep. I finished the capsules, however, I forgot to re-order. That's when I realized that with Sleep Script I actually had that deep, tranqil sleep and got up early in the morning feeling great! I have been ordering, re-ordering and will continue to order! I have followed Suzy Cohen and her products are clean and natural. I do order other products i.e. vitamins, etc.

Billie W.
United States United States

Sleep caps

I really like all the products I have purchased from Suzy. With the Sleep Script I find I sleep deeply and even with bathroom visits during the night I am able to go right back to sleep. No morning hang over either Billie Wisecarver

Sharon C.
United States

Best sleep ever!! NO DRUGS

Sleep was never a problem for me UNTIL menopause came to visit! As a nurse I know menopausal symptoms like to keep women awake between hot flashing night sweats, restlessness, etc . I did not want to take any medication as I prefer supplements. As time went in I found myself battling anxiousness at night to get my sleep so I could get up in the morning to do my job as a nurse. I finally turned quite successfully to taking 1 mg of melatonin nightly. Only draw back was I started having a “flight or fight” aka adrenaline rush response when I stirred or awoke during the night making it quite difficult to go back to sleep. Then one day I read some information about pharmacist named Suzy Cohen who developed a combination of safe supplements for sleep as well as some other issues. I had an opportunity to purchase free samples - I only paid for the shipping. I have never slept so well n so naturally at night (yes, there is some melatonin in Sleep Script). I am even retired now & can still sleep well. If you have sleep issues of any kind give Sleep Script a try. Be sure to give it time - 1-2 capsules at every night or as needed. Nice thing is she guarantees or your money back. Suzy Cohen stands behind her supplements 100%. Thank you, Suzy. I am thankful I run into your information one day on my Facebook!

Mary M.
United States United States

Down syndrome/Sweet Sleep/Speech

Our 40-year-old Down syndrome daughter has not been well for decades. Finally, she's sleeping well with this which is helping her recover; a bonus is her speech is returning from what I believe to be GABA increase-Down syndromes' from my research need the GABA and the melatonin and as they age it is not unusual for their speech to become more difficult. Thank you, Suzy but most of all thank the good Lord above to whom all glory and honor be given and from whon all blessings flow!