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Magnesium supports healthy blood pressure and nerve function.* It is also known to be a natural remedy for leg cramps. Chelated magnesium is gentle on the stomach as compared to inferior brands that cause constipation and stomach upset!

Magnesium is an essential trace mineral that supports bone integrity, energy production, a healthy mood and already healthy blood pressure.* The benefit of this brand is that Albion® is a leader in the industry for minerals, it is produced in the USA and the chelate to malic acid is useful because that supports energy production.

Magnesium is extremely useful for cardiovascular function, as well as various aspects of dental health and periodontal disease.* Suitable for vegetarians.

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See the image on this page for the full ingredient list. Two capsules provide approximately 1,000 mg of chelated magnesium, supplied by Albion® brand of minerals.


Suggested Use: Directions: Take 1 - 2 capsules daily. Increase if desired (or directed to by your practitioner).


Q: Why is this formula of magnesium superior to other types of magnesium?
A: Other forms of magnesium have low bioavailability and cause severe constipation. So you don’t get what you ‘pay for’ and also may be left with stomach upset. Chelated Magnesium is easier on the tummy, it comes in a capsule formulation so it can be emptied into applesauce/pudding, and it is highly bioavailable.

Q: How long should it be taken?
A: This is up to you. Chelated magnesium works best when included in a daily supplement program when it comes to bone integrity. As for other uses, for example, bouts of leg cramps, or desired moments of calm…you may only need it for a short period of time or on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

Q: When should magnesium be taken?
A: Magnesium may be taken at any time of day. If you are only want to use it for nighttime restlessness, then take 2 capsules an hour before bedtime. You may take it with a snack if you wish to, or without regard to meals. This decision is up to you, food is NOT required to reduce stomach upset because the patented formulation is already gentle on the tummy.

Q: Can magnesium improve focus?
A: There are compelling studies that suggest a deficiency of magnesium impairs attention and focus, however you should ask a qualified practitioner.

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I just started using magnesium read that it helps you with sleep. I tried several different products and this is the only one that helps me sleep. Very happy so far. Thank you Suzy.

Jeanine E.
United States United States

Chelated Magnesium

I like taking your brand because it’s the best I’ve ever used. I’m no longer plagued with muscle spasms.

Susanne O.
United States United States

great product

I take 2 every night...I usually have a headache 90percent of the time and pain thru out my body that comes and goes . But since I started takeing constantly 2 daily 7 days a week, Im headache free and pain free.

United States United States

Pleased with products I've used

I've used Vit B, C & D3 for over a year, I really like the DHA but need to order more. I've added the Magnesium this past year. I am not a "faithful" user and skip the C or B lots of days but overall my labwork has stayed in normal limits with some improvements and my bonescan came out better than previous one so I believe these supplements have helped me keep my health in balance or better. Thank you, Suzy!

A Suzy Cohen Customer
Linda S.
United States United States

Magnesium Don’t be without it!

We love this magnesium by Script essentials. Helps with so much! Sleep, Nerves, body tension just to name a few. Have tried others but this one has the right types of magnesium for us. When we forget to take it we notice. Thank you Suzy Cohen