Remedies Magazine Vol. 3

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Here's what's covered in the 2019 magazine Health & Radiant Aging: Health & Radiant Aging: Natural Options to Feel Great Again!
Exclusive Issue written by Suzy Cohen, RPh 

> Sleep better by finding out what reduces your melatonin. For example, statins and Premarin reduce certain sleep hormones!
> Discover how to stop antihypertensive medications by taking this one supplement. Which is it?
—> Find out which herb works as well as prescription anxiolytics
—> Make blood vessels more elastic with olive leaf extract
—> Tackle symptoms of menopause with supplements, food and essential oils (instead of synthetic hormones)
—> Learn how to cope with low B12 and how 40% of people with hypothyroidism are B12 deficient.
—> What happens when drugs and foods combine
--> Natural options for seasonal allergies, GI problems and wrinkles
—> I’ll give you the precautions you need, plus warnings about drugs and supplements that the FDA should have told you about!