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The only B complex that gets into your mitochondria! This formula can help maintain normal energy levels and neurological activity* It supports healthy cycles of methylation and homocysteine breakdown. B vitamins are considered ‘anti-stress’ nutrients and help maintain healthy cellular growth and DNA repair.

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Contains the full range of B complex nutrients in their methylated, bioavailable form, including 5-MTHF. Mito B Complex is named as such because it contains the mitochondrial form of various B-vitamin nutrients. It is FREE of synthetic folic acid. May cause a harmless discoloration of urine (yellow) due to riboflavin content.

Helps with optimal absorption of B vitamins which are known to convert food into fuel (ie energy), while supporting healthy nervous system function and myelin sheath due to the B12 which comes in the form of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin.*


Suggested Use: Take 1 or 2 capsules daily with a snack or meal, preferably earlier in the day.



Q: Is this formula gluten-free?
A: Yes, it is free of common allergens, it is also vegan.

Q: Will the niacin cause a heat flush?
A: It may, in sensitive individuals. This is a harmless reaction that is unlikely to occur with Mito B Complex, we’ve heard of this only several times in the 5 years it has been on the market. The ‘niacin flush’ usually occurs with high-dose niacin as that which is found in prescription doses.

The reason it occurs is because the blood vessels dilate, which is considered a good thing. The discomfort of flushing actually plays a useful role. It helps with cholesterol and capillary blood flow.* Mito B Complex contains a very low amount of niacin, so it should not occur, but we want you to know that it might in case you are among the sensitive. Flushing may be minimized by taking niacin with some food or a snack. Do not combine it with alcohol or hot tea/coffee. Furthermore, if you are super sensitive, you may take a baby aspirin about 30 minutes before taking Mito B Complex.

Q: Who should not take B-complex vitamins?
A: If you are taking certain chemotherapy drugs (ie cisplatin), or anti-epileptic medications (such as valproic acid, or phenytoin), taking B complex vitamins isn’t appropriate. Please ask your physician if and when you may take a B-complex pill. Furthermore, some patients who are supported on Levodopa may not be able to tolerate or take B vitamins. Ask your practitioner to be sure it’s right for you.

Q: When is it best to take Mito B Complex?
A: In the morning or early afternoon, otherwise you may experience restlessness or insomnia. B vitamins are known to produce ATP/energy. Q: Can B vitamins cause weight gain?
A: No, the opposite may be true.

Q: How long does it take to feel effects?
A: Usually within a day or two. B vitamins work very quickly to support over 300 metabolic processes in the body, and they transport fuel to all the organs and tissues. Brain clarity may increase as well.*

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Less than one month taking one capsule each morning, my leg pain and discomfort is gone. My ability to manage stress is better. I’ve tried other B complex supplements which caused nausea, even taken with food. Suzy’s supplements are wonderful.

Judy F.
United States United States

Mito B Complex

I like this quality product and will continue to purchase the Mito B-Complex. Thanks for making it available to us.

Erica V.
United States United States


I truly love this product. Vitamin B products I purchased in the past made me feel sick and nervous. I don’t feel this way when taking this product. However, it does not give me the energy I thought I would have

Phyllis S.
United States United States

Mito B

Seem to have more energy

Steven A.
United States United States

I take Mito B-Complex for stress and overall we'll-being. It seems gives me increased energy and focus.