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The Ultimate Immune Support*
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When you purchase a DMB bundle, you are getting 3 different products at one low price. We’ve grouped them together because during 2020, this is how people were seeking it out.

  1. Vitamin D
  2. Magnesium
  3. Mito B complex

As you can see from the 3 different products, the name “DMB Bundle” was derived. The combination of these 3 vitamins and minerals supports healthy immune structure and function.* Each item in this trio provides something special in terms of antioxidant power, and the ability to support respiratory health.*


Please see the images for the ingredients of each formula. When you purchase a DMB bundle, you are getting 3 different products at a great price.


You can take the magnesium at nighttime for rest, and the Vitamin D and Mito B Complex during the day for energy.*

Take each formula according to label direction. You may take a capsule of each product at the same time, and it is recommended to take it with a snack/meal for easier assimilation.


Q: When is this combination advised?
A: When your body is fighting, or under stress; you may want to ask your doctor about taking the DMB Bundle if you are dealing with a non-serious infection because the combination provides intense cellular repair and has a direct impact on energy levels and cell metabolism.*

The magnesium supports already normal blood pressure and the B vitamins are building blocks for a healthy body.*

Q: Can you empty the contents into food or snacks?
A: Yes, many people with difficulty swallowing, or pill fatigue will do that. It will not affect potency.

Q: Will it discolor my urine?
A: It *might* becuase of the Mito B Complex… this formula contains riboflavin which (like all other B vitamin supplements) has the ability to tinge the urine bright yellow. It is harmful and normal. Riboflavin is used as a natural food and supplement dye for this very reason.

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Dawn S.
United States United States

Wonderful Group!

I've been taking these for quite some time now and truly feel a wonderful difference in my energy and overall health.

Ruby P.
United States United States

DMB Bundle

I have taken them for almost a month and find that my leg cramps have disappeared. In general I feel better.

Margaret D.
United States United States

Good bundle

I find the combination of magnesium and vitamin D, taken at night helps me sleep better.

Steven A.
United States United States


All of the supplements from Suzy Cohen are very efficacious. I have been taking a few for years and never sick, no COVID, no flu, It's definitely great Armor. High quality supplements like putting the best gas in a mercedes. l certainly can recommend without hesitation!

Eva T.
United States United States

DMB Bundle

I have been buying her products for almost 3 years, and they have always managed to fulfill my expectations and help me where I needed it. Quality products, without 'fillers' that keep me away from the doctor's office. Thank you!