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Enhance Clarity and Night Vision*
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Vision Script™ is a patent-pending blend of saffron plus other herbs, carotenoids, vitamin A and antioxidants to revitalize your eyes, especially your macula, retina and cornea tissue as well as optic nerve cell integrity.* The saffron is a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective agent, and one that is derived from the spice by the same name. 

Vision Script helps protect against eye strain and 'blue light' fatigue from digital devices.* It is intended to promote optimal function of eye structures, while improving night vision. 

Potent full doses of very potent natural ingredients work synergistically to improve moisture levels. These include black currant extract, lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamin A (as opposed to inactive beta carotene). Lutein and zeaxanthin improves vision in dim light, or where glare is a problem. 

Vision Script contains all the AREDS nutrients with the exception of copper which was deliberately left out of the innovative formula because excessive copper is thought to increase estrogen-driven (hormonal) cancers.

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The main ingredients include those that can help instantly soothe tired eyes, reduce tearing from blue light (device) exposure and boost health of the retina, macula and cornea. They include: 

Saffron EX-5C (saffron extract) which improves some aspects of vision*
Black Currant extract improves blood flow to the eyes for night vision and moisture*
Lutein and Zeaxanthin protects eyes from harmful light waves and helps with glare*
Vitamin A reduces risk for degeneration of macular tissue, which leads to loss of sight*
Vitamin C neutralizes unstable free radicals, which break down otherwise healthy eye tissue*
Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) fights cataracts and age-related degeneration of of the macula*


Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules every day with a snack or meal (only because food tends to enhance the absorption of minerals/vitamin supplements). You don't *have* to eat if you don't really want to. 


Q. What is the best time to take Vision Script?
A. Any time of day or night. It should not interfere with sleep, and may even help it due to the saffron. According to some anecdotal evidence, saffron intake is associated with improvements in sleep quality.

Q. Can I split up the dosage on Vision Script or take more than recommended on the label?

A. Yes, you can certainly take 1 capsule twice daily. Most people take both at once with a meal, lunch or dinner, but you may take them WITHOUT regard to  meals. The recommended dose is 2 capsules taken once daily, as this is easy to remember and provides the full dose of ingredients. If (after a month), you would like to increase your dosage to 3 per day, or reduce it to 1 cap per day, that is fine. This product is safe and we understand that each individual is unique so experiment away!

Q. Can I take Vision Script if I’m taking eye drops?
A. Yes you may.

Q. Are there any “animal-derived” ingredients in Vision Script?
A. No.

Q. What if I miss a dose of Vision Script?
A. Take it as soon as you remember.

Q. Will this reverse macular degeneration, cataracts or glaucoma?
A. It’s a valid question, however supplements cannot imply or post such claims. We are permitted to say that Vision Script supports optimal eye health, healthy structure and function of eye tissue, and lubrication of the eyes.* Please continue to take your prescribed eye drops and see your ophthalmologist (and optometrist) routinely. 

Q. When will I see effects?
A. Usually within 30 days, and the benefits will continue to increase over time as the cells of your optic nerve, retina, cornea and macula take in the powerful antioxidants in this formula.

Q. Can I empty the capsules into food?
A. Nothing in Vision Script is ‘delayed release’ therefore you may do this if you have pill fatigue and don’t want any more capsules to swallow! So feel free to empty the contents of the capsules into yogurt, applesauce, pudding, or any other food/beverage. Mix well and consume. Take 2 capsules daily.

    The Scientifically Studied Ingredients in Vision Script™

    Saffron Extract (Crocus sativus)

    Increases insulin receptor expression*

    This formula contains a patented form of saffron called "Saffron EX 5C" which is kosher, non-GMO and DNA-tested to assure purity! So you will be getting what you pay for! (Perhaps you don't realize this, but saffron is frequently 'cut' with cheaper powders and sold as if they were true saffron!)

      The unique extraction process guarantees you get the highest levels of the constituents in saffron: Safranal, crocins, picrocrocins and safromotivines. This form of saffron "Saffron EX 5C" has been clinically researched age-related concerns within the macula structure of the eye.* Saffron is also thought to have a beneficial impact on bone health due to its ability to reduce cortisol and slightly raise estrogen.*

    Black Currant Extract (Ribes nigrum)  

    Eye hydration and nighttime light adaptation*

    Clinical trials using extracts of black currants have determined that these gorgeous berries are rich in certain compounds that improve eye function in various ways.* For example, the eyes' ability to adapt to darkness, and enhancing blood flow to the eyes.*

    Research suggests that black currant extract delays visual field deterioration, especially in elderly individuals.* Interestingly, black currant extracts have a positive impact on moisture retention in the eye due to naturally-occurring vitamin C and other phytonutrients.*

    Vitamin A 

    Maintain a clear cornea and support night vision*

    Vitamin A is a critical fat-soluble vitamin that is a necessary component of rhodopsin, a protein in your eyes that enables you to see in the dark.* So, a vitamin A deficiency can negatively impact your night vision.* This could create safety issues if you drive at night or get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

    Vitamin A is required to help you maintain cornea health as you get older.*

    Vitamin C 

    Increase collagen formation for eye integrity*

    Vitamin C is required for the formation of collagen, and collagen is a protein that provides structure to your eyes (and skin).* There have been some important recent studies that suggest vitamin C (which you do NOT make in the human body) can protect the structure of the eyes.* This can in turn can offer protection for the various structures off the eye.* The human cornea is about 0.5 mm thick at the center part, and the structure is held together by collagen-rich connective tissue. Vitamin C improves collagen synthesis.*

    Antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthin

    Nourish the macula and provide natural pigment*

    The predominant carotenoids of the macular pigment in your eyes are two well-known antioxidants: Lutein and zeaxanthin.

    When an individual takes beta carotene, they have to wait for it to be turned into zeaxanthin in the body. Lycopene turns into lutein. That’s why Vision Script includes the 2 nutrients as their biologically active forms. They are direct pigment-forming nutrients themselves, no conversion needed.* There is no pre-cursor beta carotene which is what other formulas use. These types of compounds are well known to support eye function and eye health.*

    Vitamin E 

    Protect the retina and reduce lipofuscin*

    Research has shown that vitamin E, which is naturally found in nuts and seeds, can help fortify the eye, specifically the fat-loving portion of the cells and the retina.* The free radical harm to the eye is what can cause the breakdown of the retina. Termed retinal degeneration, it has been shown that vitamin E helps offset the harm done by these unstable molecules that break down healthy eye tissue.*

    Studies provide clinical evidence that vitamin E also reduces accumulation of a harmful compound called "lipofuscin,” which can adversely impact eye health.*

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    Linda R.
    United States United States

    Vision Script

    I had been having vision problems for some time. I had tried many things and been to numerous doctors including specialist. All said the same thing. There was no problems with my eyes. But yet there were days when my vision was so blurry I had no choice but to just lay down. Then with nothing to loose I decided to try Suzy's vision script. I was not disappointed. No more blurry scratchy eyes. Thank you Suzy for carrying.

    Wanda S.
    United States United States

    Easy to use

    I’m pleased with Vision Script. Easy to use; great ingredients that I’ve come to expect from this company.

    Patricia W.
    United States United States

    Great ingredients

    I have taken a supplement for my eyes for decades. I'm sure this is benificial.

    Jodi M.
    United States United States

    Vision script

    I really love Susie's vitamins..l wish she would make a good multivitamin for women..l trust her products

    Keisha V.
    United States United States

    Vision Script

    I am not sure if it made a difference because I had a week amount. Thank you for your product