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Memory Script® is a fully patented blend of Lion's Mane with critical amino acids and herbs to help re-energize your mind, enhance mental clarity, and promote nerve cell integrity.* 

Designed to optimize brain function, synaptic plasticity, neuronal integrity and overall mental function.* Depending on use this bottle may last 30 to 60 days.
  • Directions: Take 1 or 2 capsules every day with food
  • Memory Script® helps you maintain optimal brain function*
  • Optimizes information processing and decision-making processes*
  • Contains Lion's Mane which supports healthy lipids and digestive function in the body while regenerating nerves*
  • Enhances release of substances that promote nerve growth*
  • It supports healthy nerve cell function*

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Highly recommended!

Like many folks I was experiencing short term memory issues in recent years and wondered what, if anything, could be done to correct or to at least slow the progression of that affliction. I originally purchased this to "sample" the product to see if I noticed any appreciable difference and only took it occasionally while eating brain friendly food such as fish. I knew that this was a grossly unfair test of the product but I was hoping that I might benefit sufficiently from a smaller, erratic dose than is recommended in order to stretch the supply so to speak. Not surprisingly I did not notice a significant change while attempting this admittedly flawed approach. I often forgot to take a capsule even when the food was conducive to its benefits. The irony of this was never lost on me however and it fed my sense of humor and spoke to my sense of reason. If I was to give this an honest evaluation I needed to take the recommended amount over a reasonable period of time. Fortunately I was able to purchase enough to take regularly and have been doing so for several months now. I can honestly say that I have noticed undeniable benefits since then. I am able to retain numbers without checking them again and again and also names of people that I meet without having to ask again and again which was the "normal" that I had resigned myself to previously. The improvement has been stark and beyond my original expectations. I have never tried any other memory supplements so I cannot offer any advice or comparisons concerning them. What I can give is an honest and sincere recommendation of this product based on the results that I've experienced. I can also offer that same honest and sincere recommendation for Suzy Cohen herself and her wonderful customer service team. Integrity is sadly lacking with many businesses today but there is no shortage of it here (collectively or individually). I promise you all that I have no ties to this company and no ulterior motives for writing this review. Customer service is often a brutal and thankless job in a world where most seem to reach out only when they are dissatisfied and feel the need to spew venom. This is simply an effort to offset that and to thank everyone for jobs well done and for being wonderful to deal with. You have set a great example for other companies (and people) to follow. Sorry for the long wind here. If Suzy ever launches a supplement to suppress babbling I will be sure to give it a shot. :) Thanks everyone!

Mike W.
United States United States
Memory Script

Not sure as of now. My wife and I are both in our mid-late 50’s and we both felt we were a little slower cognitively than had been previously. After the first few days of taking one capsule, she started taking two and after a little over a month, she feels she is improving and mental sharper. I continue to take one, a little bit because of the price, and don’t feel much of a difference. I plan on giving it a few months before deciding whether to continue taking it or not. My wife, as of now, will probable continue taking this product.

Donna D.
United States United States
Memory Script

My husband takes memory script every day ,helps him immensely. I wouldn’t want to be with out it. Thank you

Sherry S.
United States United States
Bought for Mom

I purchased this for my mother because I noticed a significant change in her memory. She has only been taking it a little over 30 days but I have noticed a slight improvement in her memory already. Will continue giving it to her with the hope that her improvement will continue.

Helen B.
United States United States
Review of Memory Script

I ordered Memory Script for my husband about a month ago and I am pleased that it appears to have improved his cognitive function already. I ordered several months more of the product and I am glad it is a botanical amino acid blend.