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GlucoScript MAX supports healthy blood glucose and cholesterol metabolism.* The special ingredient called Fig Fruit Extract is standardized to abscisic acid (ABA) and studied for glycemic control.* In animal studies, ABA could mitigate obesity-related inflammation.*

This formula works very well, so please monitor your blood sugar while taking this. The special blend of berberine, cinnamon, gymnema sylvestre and fig fruit extract work quickly to reduce cravings!

This formula also contains banaba leaf, vitamin D, holy basil, bitter melon, vanadium and chromium, making it the most powerful, most creative formula for glucose management, and BMI goals.

Over time, your blood levels will reveal that you are in a special place where you have healthy carbohydrate and fat metabolism, plus LDL clearance should improve. This formula promotes better utilization of insulin and improved endogenous production.

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The main ingredients reduce oxidation in blood vessels, and support healthy insulin levels.* There are other ingredients that regulate glucose and cholesterol metabolism. Some key ingredients are:

Fig Fruit promotes insulin sensitivity
Banaba leaf which which provides antioxidants and anti-obesity activity
Ceylon cinnamon minimizes insulin spikes
Gymnema sylvestre for regeneration of pancreas islet cells and fights sugar cravings
Chromium & Vanadium which improve insulin sensitivity
Vitamin D which reduces blood glucose and LDL cholesterol, and total serum cholesterol
Resveratrol turns on SIRTUIN life extension genes
Holy basil supports kidney, vascular and eye health
Blueberry extract promotes healthy retina and vision and also activates AMPK in white adipose tissue, skeletal muscle, and the liver which stimulates fat breakdown*


Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules with dinner, or 1 capsule twice daily with food. May increase if desired to 1 capsule 3 times daily, or as directed by your practitioner.


Q. How long does it take to work?
A. It depends on what biomarker you are looking at. Cholesterol and beta cell function may respond positively within a matter of 2 to 3 months, whereas cravings and blood sugar may respond favorably within a few days or weeks. Remember, this situation has been brewing for years, it takes a little time for a natural supplement to help.

Q. Can I take it if I am pregnant, or nursing?
A. Please consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing or taking insulin/medications due to enhanced effects on blood sugar.

Q: Is it okay to drink wine or alcohol when I take GlucoScript MAX?
A. Yes, there should be no problem with this combination. Keep in mind that alcohol does cause free radical damage so while it may be fine in terms of interactions, it is probably not the best scenario for getting well. GlucoScript does contain resveratrol if that is your intent for drinking wine.

Q. Can I take GlucoScript regularly or is it only for temporary use?
A. It is best taken regularly. You do not need to stop, or take a holiday off unless you want to.

Q. Where should this formula be stored?
A. On the counter, or in a cabinet. It does not require refrigeration.

Q. Can I take it with insulin or my medication for diabetes?
A. Please ask your physician because the combination of GlucoScript with these items will enhance the effect and may induce hypoglycemia. Please do not make changes to your drug or vitamin regimen without consulting a physician.

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Lydia S.
United States United States

Glocoscript’s Quick & Positive benefits Benefits

I was really amazed that I was able to lower my A-1C from 5.8 in 10/2021 to 5.4 in less than 2 months after starting to take 1 capsule of the Glucoscript per day. I do weigh 105 pounds and I am 5’2”. I am quite careful with my diet with never eating any simple sugars and eating lots of vegetable organic berries and organic apples, no baked or sugary goods . I ate this way mlasr year as well and it was not until I started taking the Glucoscript daily with my breakfast that I had this breakthrough with my A-1 C dropping in my lab result. Thank you so much Ms. Suzy Cohen and I ordered a copy of your book Diabetes without Drugs. I really am so grateful for all the tremendous work you do and your excellent standard of excellence in your products. L. Shambilides

Evelyn B.
United States United States

GGlucoScript® MAX.

I had tried another product (recommended by professional provider) for elevated blood sugar, with no results. Then took GlucoScript® MAX; within 3 months, A1c dropped from 5.9 to 5.7. Very good results!

barbara w.
United States United States


It made me feel weird.. I only took it one time I gave it to my sister. I couldn’t take it.

Diana E.
United States United States


Balanced less spikes energy best product the ingredients are all together it’s expensive to buy all those good quality nutrients.. Actually I like a lot of Suzy Cohens products they have so many great nutrients I’m getting everything I need in her products. I love the Chealated Magnesium too.. Best source of nutrients for me and my family.

June R.
United States United States


This is a very good product. I trust her products.