The Pathways on a Keyring (Medication Induced SNPs) - Suzy Cohen

The Pathways on a Keyring (Medication Induced SNPs)

Understand Which Nutrients You Need
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I've created the world's first visual guide to show how medications induce a SNP. This resource is mainly for PRACTITIONERS and consumers interested in nutrient depletions. 

Drugs may be upregulating or downregulating gene expression.
For example, STATINS interfere with glutathione production. By blocking selenium, the GPX enzyme can no longer produce glutathione. Diuretics block B6 preventing adequate methylation, and so forth.

FOLIC ACID is not biologically active until it is converted to a METHYLATED form.

Practitioners can look at all the pathways and see where each medication blocks a cofactor/gene. Then you can make targeted changes to medication, suggested the correct vitamin or discontinue the medication. 
As a patient,  you are able to see how your medications interfere with metabolic pathways, and what nutrients you need to take if you are being depleted. If you are low in a nutrient, you might be able to determine if that deficiency is causing your symptoms. 

Pathways Included
Folate & Methylation                   Transmethylation
Transsulfuration/Glutathion        Deiodination
Glutamate to GABA                    Peroxidation
Histamine                                    Kynurenine
Neurotransmitters: Serotonin, Dopamine, GABA, etc.
Biopterin Recycling


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Joseph C.
United States

Very Useful Information

I have purchased several of these for my doctor and my wife's medical team (she is finally emerging from six tick bourne infections). They all are finding it quite interesting and helpful - all of this is pretty much news to them and has lead them to become more educated about SNPs/biochemical processes, etc. I also purchased the 30 minute presentation from a Seeking Health conference, which was somewhat helpful. I think a moire detailed presentation with better graphics would be most helpful.

Dr S.

Fascinating and Useful

When I bought this I wasn't sure I could use it but it seemed like a creative way to find out how medications were impacting my patient's health, especially because I don't know too many drug nutrient depletions. So this is helpful especially because many of my patients have taken the 23andMe testing and have Methylation blocks and Suzy's Keyring shows exactly what vitamins you need to unblock that. More than anything, I have been able to help my patients and they credit me (but I credit Suzy) - this resource is my secret weapon to helping my patients get well faster than just guessing. Highly recommend. I also wish she would make a video explaining it.

Donald M.


I am a General Practitioner and study Functional Medicine. This resource has helped me understand the cause of some symptoms in my patients. It shows you the medications and what pathways they impact, then you know what vitamins to sell to them to help restore pathways to full functionality. I didn't think it would work, but it does. Suzy did an impressive job at researching this and I bought two so I could put one in my own office and the other in my consultation room.

Hilary T.
United Kingdom

Absolutely brilliant, it will be

Absolutely brilliant, it will be invaluable for me to help my patients