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Memory Script® is a fully patented blend of Lion's Mane with critical amino acids and herbs to help re-energize your mind, enhance mental clarity, and promote nerve cell integrity.* 

Designed to optimize brain function, synaptic plasticity, neuronal integrity and overall mental function.* Depending on use this bottle may last 30 to 60 days.
  • Directions: Take 1 or 2 capsules every day with food
  • Memory Script® helps you maintain optimal brain function*
  • Optimizes information processing and decision-making processes*
  • Contains Lion's Mane which supports healthy lipids and digestive function in the body while regenerating nerves*
  • Enhances release of substances that promote nerve growth*
  • It supports healthy nerve cell function*

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Helen K.
United States United States

Working well. Is there a remedy for diarrhea?

Mai B.
Canada Canada
Thank you Suzy!

Dear Suzy, this is another stroke of genius of yours (the other one is your Immune Script that combines the natural herbs and ingredients used across Asia to support immunity). Your Memory Script does the same feat of combining all the right ingredients to help maintain brain health and memory function. They both spared me the effort to get them separately and calculate the dosage. Memory Script is helping me already because I think that I am now less forgetful and curiously less irritable! (from cabin fever due to lengthy lockdowns in Canada). Your products are the best -- I am presently using four of them.

Jean B.
United States United States
Memory Script

I have used only one bottle of the Memory Script and I took only 1 pill a day and for the next two weeks, I have been taking 2 pills a day. I feel that taking the 2 pills a day seemed to work better. I felt like my head was much less foggy and much sharper. I intend to try it as a subscription and see how it works for a longer time.

Mary M.
United States United States
Memory Script

I feel as if I am having fewer episodes of forgetting things and searching for words I know but can't come to mind.

Susan R.
United States United States
Memory Script

Love this item and so easy to swallow!