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Custom formulated with patented ingredients for anti-aging benefits. This is a brightening serum that combats the look of dark spots caused by sun, acne, pregnancy and will improve your skin’s natural glow. It contains natural boswellia extract to soothe irritated, inflamed skin, so this is great if you have sensitive skin. Collagen Beauty Peptide Serum suits all skin tones and all skin types, and pairs with any moisturizer you like, including my Drench Face Cream. 

Collagen Beauty Peptide Serum is scientifically formulated with ingredients that help firm, smooth and correct. Now is the time to achieve your skin care goals and give your skin the beautiful glow it deserves!SYN-COLL, ViaPure, Saliporine-8 and Neodermyl are the star ingredients blended together, and you will NOT find this combination in any other product. It's exclusively my formula.

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The main ingredients include those that can help instantly fill in fine lines, reduce redness and boost collagen in the skin. They include:

Neodermyl®  (Copper Lysinate/Prolinate) the "needle free" collagen and elastin filler*
SYN®-COLL  tri-peptides for collagen stimulation to smooth fine lines.*
Via-Pure® Boswellia for redness, inflammation and free radical harm.*
Saliporine-8 for moisture retention and urea enhancement*
Hyaluronic acid for additional plumping and smoothing*

If you're someone who would prefer not to use Botox, the Neodermyl (in this serum)  is outstanding because it is an amino acid and mineral complex that penetrates your dermal layer (rather than just the outer layers like most creams). Neodermyl diffuses deep into skin, re-energizing senescent fibroblasts and triggering your own skin cells to produce collagen and elastin. Neodermyl shows high clinical efficacy within 15 days resulting in visible reduction of deep wrinkles and improvement of skin firmness. It is included in the blend to reduce skin damage, suppress harmful cytokines and smooth the skin.


Apply to clean skin twice daily, and follow with your favorite moisturizer. Be sure to start at your neck and stroke upward, very gently.
Alternatively, squirt 2 - 3 pumps into your favorite moisturizer and apply all at once.


Q. What skin type will this help?
A.  It suits all skin tones and all skin types, normal, dry, oily or combination. 

Q. Is there a perfume or fragrance in this?
A.  No, serum is unscented. If you do happen to notice a scent, it is the product’s base coming through. Many cosmetic manufacturers will add synthetic fragrances to cover that up, but we don’t do that. It is slight, if even noticeable, and reflects the genuine 100% perfume-free nature of this serum. 

Q. The pump isn’t working. What should I do?
A.  If you have trouble getting the product out, especially at first, it is most likely due to the use of our Airless Pump bottle. 

Q. How long should this bottle last?
A.  It’s hard to determine that. If you use the serum once daily, and only squeeze 1 pump, you will have the bottle a longer time than if you use it twice daily for example. Effects of the product are 100% contingent on useSome people squeeze one pump out, and others squeeze 3 pumps out, so this is highly individualized.  

Q. Can I combine it with another serum that has oil in it? 
A. Sure, that’s fine. The Collagen Beauty Peptide Serum is fast-drying and leaves no residue after 5 minutes. It dries completely. But if you prefer a more pinguid (oily) feel, or have a favorite facial oil you already use, feel free to squeeze a few drops of it into your palm along with the Collagen Serum, and apply all at once.

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Candace G.
United States United States

Collagen Serum

I do so love the product, thank you for offering

Lynn M.
United States United States

Great product

I could see some improvement in my complexion. My skin seems to have firmed up around my cheek bones and mouth.

Heidi O.
United States United States

Collagen Beauty Peptide Serum

I love the way my skin feels after applying. But the most I love about this product is that the serum acts like a filler. My skin looks younger and smoother after application.

Sandy S.
United States United States

Collagen Beauty peptide serum

I absolutely love the serum. It glides on so smooth no fragrance no irritation just gentleness, and I already see a change in my skin especially around my eye area.

J. Wittmus
United States United States

Fantastic Product

I really like Suzy's Collage Beauty Peptide Serum. It goes on so smoothly - it's not heavy or greasy at all - and I have noticed a difference since I've started using it regularly. Thank You!