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DUTCH Complete Hormone Test

At-Home Urine Test for Hormones
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The DUTCH Complete test is the best way to test your hormone levels! It’s an at-home urine test. Anyone can take this test, and any age. Because I am a Provider for the laboratory, you can buy the DUTCH Complete hormone test directly from me and share the results with any of your practitioners. The information derived from this one test (in just a few weeks) could very well be life-changing. 

If you buy this test today, you will receive a beautiful informative ebook that I’ve written on hormones, and it should help you interpret your DUTCH Test results. It will come via email in your receipt, right after purchase. 

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NOTE: The states of Rhode Island, New York, and Maryland have unique requirements, so before ordering from these states CLICK HERE to see exactly what's needed.


The DUTCH Complete Test provides important data that can help you get to the underlying cause of your problems.

Would you like to see sample test results?
Click HERE to Download a DUTCH Complete Female Sample Report
Click HERE to Download a DUTCH Complete Male Sample Report

This test is recommended for the following people:

If you have menstrual problems
If you are peri-menopausal and want to control symptoms
If you are post-menopausal and taking hormone medication
If you are post-menopausal and want to alleviate symtpoms
If you are andropausal and have low sex drive or muscle atrophy
If you have some type of reproductive cancer (prostate, breast, testicular, cervical…) 
If you have fertility concerns
If you have anxiety or insomnia
If you feel like you have depression or mood instability
If you have thyroid illness
If you have chronic fatigue
If you have symptoms that ruin your life, and no one has found a cause yet
If you just want to see where your hormone levels are at so you can have a baseline

a-Pregnanediol and b-Pregnanediol
Metabolized Cortisol
Phase I Metabolism
Phase II Metabolism
Melatonin as 6-OHM
Urine Creatinine
HVA Homovanillate
VMA Vanilmandelate


The test is very simple to take. You just pee on the 4 filter paper strips at different times during the day. Then mail the dried strips in the postage-paid envelope provided. Results are emailed to your preferred email address.

Some people have to test routinely (for example every 3 months, or every 6 months) because they take bioidentical hormones, or some people require medication or chemo, or have fertility problems. Whatever the concern, there’s sometimes a need or a desire to take this several times a year!

If that's you, feel free to take advantage of the DUTCH Complete special that I am offering. This is where you buy 2 test kits at the same time, and save $50. You can hold your test kit for a year, it will not go bad. If you’d like to save $50 and buy 2 test kits at the same time, just add them to your cart by clicking HERE.


Q: Do I need to stop taking my hormones to do this test?
A: No, not really. You can stay on them if you wish because the test is going to evaluate how you are doing on your hormones, and it will help your doctor determine dosage changes. My only suggestion is to hold your hormones the morning you take the test. But the idea of stopping for weeks in advance is incorrect. You want to stay on your medications and hormones.

Q: How do I get my results?
A: You will be filling out a 2-page requisition form that comes with your test. It has your basic information like name, address and email, as well as symptoms if you wish to list those. Your lab will process your test results and email them to the address you put on this requisition. 

Q: How long does it take to get my results back?
A: Approximately 3 weeks after you mail your kit back. 

Q: My state doesn’t allow me to take at-home tests, what should I do?
A: We are aware that the states of Rhode Island, New York and Maryland have unique requirements, so before ordering from these states CLICK HERE to see exactly what's needed. You are not prohibited from taking the test, you just have to fill out a few more documents. 

Q: Are there dietary restrictions to take this test?
A: Not many, you should avoid dopamine-containing foods like avocado and bananas for a few days prior to doing the test, that’s essentially all.

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Anita O.
United States United States

Useful for Men, Too!

For what it is, I do like the Dutch Complete Hormone Test. My only complaint is that I found it difficult to stay within the fluid restrictions, and ended up feeling desperately thirsty. It was useful to have alternative timing available so I could complete the test all in one day. I would recommend this test as needed. I just finished the collections yesterday, and after 24 hours of drying, will put the strips in the mail. I'm eagerly awaiting the results! (as described to his wife)

Gene T.
United States United States

Best price I found

Quick shipping.

Carol S.
United States United States

Good Deal!

My functional medicine provider prescribed this test years ago and provided a compound prescription per the results. Recently, I failed a hormone test per a web site, so I decided I should take another test. (Dry eye, thinning eyebrows, fat around the waist, and so much more are tied to hormones.) Getting 10% off was helpful in decided to take the expensive test. This is a complicated test for me. It is so picky about the timing of each test and liquids consumed. I am waiting for the results, which can take 3-4 weeks, but I was happy with the quick response from the Cohen group and reduced price.

Michele A.
United States United States

Very helpful

The dutch test revealed many discrepancies in my hormone panel that need some attention. I highly recommend this test for anybody who needs information about their adrenals and overall hormone balance.

Lynne G.
United States United States

Complete Hormone test

Timing for taking samples was a little tricky, but OK, I did not like the fact that I now needed to go to a Doctor to have the results explained to me, as I thought I would get a report for the results, I do not have a Doctor here, never need one anyway, but was given a list of ones in my area to contact, but I never received a call after leaving a message, so I still do not know what I need as far as my hormones are concerned, I do not recumbent this expensive test to anyone who does not have a primary care doctor