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Catalase Antioxidant Caps

Fight Peroxide Grayness & Gloom
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Catalase is an enzyme that is made in the human liver, and it breaks down toxic hydrogen peroxide (made during cellular metabolism) and turns it into water and oxygen.*  It’s a free radical fighter that protects the cells and precious DNA. It supports skin health, beautiful hair, and skin, as well as liver function.*

May support vibrant healthy-looking hair and skin by allowing for more healthy peroxidation processes* Many people use it because it helps fight “gray and gloom” and other issues resulting from peroxidation.* 

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Each DR® acid resistant vegetarian capsule contains 12,500 Catu (Catalase units) of Catalase enzyme which is equivalent to 500mg per capsule. 

The formula is optimized to give you the very highest bioavailability. Catalase supplements must be in acid-resistant capsules in order to work. The delicate enzyme is destroyed by your stomach acid, so for that reason, this brand uses DR® capsules. It means this formula works! 


Take 1 capsule daily without regard to meals. This is an enzyme, and you may increase it to 2 capsules (1,000 mg) daily if desired. If you take two capsules per day, you may take them both at the same time.


Q:  When is the best time to take Catalase?
A:  It doesn’t matter, most people take it in the morning. 

Q:  Can I take Catalase at the same time as I’m taking HashiScript since HashiScript has some catalase in it?
A:  Yes, many people like this combination because it works synergistically. 

Q:  Can I take Catalase at the same time that I take my other supplements?
A:  Yes.  Catalase is an antioxidant, so it’s even better if taken with other antioxidants like Vitamin C or D. 

Q:  Are there any “animal-derived” ingredients in Catalase?
A:  No, Catalase is all vegan.  Catalase is NOT derived from animal liver – it is plant-derived.

Q:  What if I miss taking Catalase for a day?
A:  Because Catalase is an antioxidant, if you miss taking it, it’s okay to take it as soon as you remember, or, if you’re only taking it once a day, and you miss a day, then you can take two capsules the next day.

Q:  Is Catalase gluten-free?
A:  Yes

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Michael B.
United States United States

Great product!

This is the first time I ever purchased Catalase, so I was a little nervous at first. Well, I never felt better! I sleep much better, have plenty of energy throughout the day and my mental focus is the best it's ever been. Plus, it is all natural. Thank you, Suzy Cohen!

Elizabeth R.
United States United States

Great Product!

Love Love the Catalase, it has helped my liver and made my hair nice and fluffy and full and thick! I will continue to use!

Mary G.
United States United States

Catalase Antioxidant Caps

Helping with joint problem

Frank M.
United States United States

A must have for me

Keeps my gray hair at bay. Very pleased with the product.

Raphaela C.
United States United States


I like your vitamins. I really don’t know what kind of a change Catalase might have on my body I don’t know what to look for