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This REST & RECHARGE BUNDLE will help you feel energized during the day and sleep better at night!

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  • Mito B-Complex: You’ll receive 60 capsules, and you should take 1 or 2 capsules daily with a snack or meal. This special B vitamin formula gets into the mitochondria (or "mito") helping you stay energized and beat stress. This is possible because it uses the biologically active forms of B vitamins, not the cheap, inactive forms that are sold everywhere.

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  • Sleep Script: You’ll receive 14 capsules, and you should take 1 or 2 capsules at bedtime, about one hour before desired sleep. This incredible dietary supplement is so unique and effective that it has earned a patent! Sleep Script™ contains a synergistic blend of calming botanicals and nutrients to support optimal sleep and promote normal circadian rhythm.*

    It is non-habit forming (take only on the nights you want).
    Furthermore it has NO anticholinergic (drying) effects. It contains melatonin as part of the formula.
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  • A free copy of an Ebook I wrote called "12 Reasons you should take B Complex Vitamins" ($7 value)


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Formulated by Suzy Cohen
America's Pharmacist®


Mito B-Complex is poweful for promoting cellular energy production, reducing stress, turning food into fuel, reducing stress and so much more.

B Vitamins are essential for mitochondrial (mito) health. Your mito are powerhouses, they generate energy like a battery! They float inside trillions of your cells. You have 10-20 pounds -10% of your body weight!Each mito takes in nutrients and releases energy.Your mito "breathe" for you making ATP⚡In the heart, when the mito are unable to breathe, and starving for oxygen... well, it's a bad thing!Your mito generate oxygen for you.And they are not just in your heart muscle, because all of your muscles are working constantly for you, so those cells also have thousands of mitochondria, whereas neurons need fewer mitochondria.

Sleep Script® is a patented blend of natural herbal botanicals and sleep-inducing amino acids, plus melatonin.

Even if you don't need it every night, Sleep Script® can be taken whenever you want it. This formula is 100% FREE of valerian root which sometimes causes unwanted restlessness! Maintain healthy levels of GABA and improve induction of REM* Wake up refreshed without any dryness or hangover typical of other sleep formula. This one is special! Take 1 or 2 capsules as desired. Last thing- some people take a capsule (or 1/2 caps) during the day, just for instant calm for tranquility during times of stress. That's fine so long as you're not operating machinery or driving. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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