Testimonials For Thyroscript Continued....

Evelyn - April, 2016: Hey Suzy! I love that you are so willing to speak the truth... even when it isn't popular! I am more sad about strawberries!  I have been on Thyroscript for a month now, and I am having signs of new hair growth and more energy! WOW! Anyway, I digress... You are such a breath of fresh air to someone who has 30 yrs in healthcare! Keep it coming!


Christine – May 28, 2015:
"Hi Suzy,I am on my second bottle of Thyroid Script. I was taking levothyroxin, 150 mcg. I changed doctors because my original one is an hour’s drive and I got tired of driving there every year to renew my script. So when I got a new doctor, the nurse practitioner who attended me, sent me for another round of tests. Well, when they came back she called to tell me she was lowering my thyroid meds down to 137 mcg. I figured this was because Thyroid Script was helping my thyroid. I have to go back in 6 weeks and get retested because she wants to see how I do on the lower dose. I feel fine. And I just ordered another bottle of Thyroid Script. I take mine with my thyroid meds. I didn’t know if that is correct or not. But I feel just fine anyway. In fact, most days I feel pretty good. Sometimes tired but that is also because I have injured my knee and my hip (doing yoga believe it or not). Sleepless nights due to pain has made me tired. But those two areas are healing. I look forward to more improvement of my health."

Anne – June 1, 2015:
"I have been on Synthroid for about six months. I feel worse than when diagnoised as hypothyroid. I am doing research and don’t like what I read. My doctor refuses to do other testing since T4 results shiws normal range. I want to go off prescribed medication. Would this be a good product for me?"

Lenore – June 23, 2015:
"Dear Suzy,I just placed my 3rd order for ThyroScript, only this time I ordered the 3 bottle pack because I know it works. Last fall I had to go on Metoprolol for benign PACs and PVCs which were so bad my heart felt like it was skipping every other beat. I was getting worried because after 25 mg a day it stopped working and I had to go up to 50 mg; then that was starting to fail. My chiropractor did some research for me and said there can be a thyroid connection. She ordered a blood test and my numbers proved my thyroid wasn’t working optimally. I changed my diet, but it didn’t help much. Then I found your product. After a few days of taking ThyroScript I noticed a steadier heartbeat. I gradually reduced my beta blocker–VERY slowly as you’re supposed to do. I’ve now been off of it for over 3 weeks and my heart rhythm is perfect. I’m so happy to be drug free! My electrophysiologist had also ordered a blood test and my TSH was fine according to current standards. My chiropractor understands the tests and numbers you talk about in your book…my thyroid was not OK. I wonder how many people are on beta-blockers when what they really need is help with their thyroid. Thank you for creating ThyroScript!" Lenore

Christine – July 17, 2015:
}Holy cow! I had gone for another thyroid test and the doc is lowering my thyroid meds again! It has to be because of the Thyroid Script. I just ordered another bottle to be rushed to me since I am going to be out of them today. This is great!"

Kelly – July 20, 2015:

"Hi SuzyI’m on the 5th day of Thyroscript and from Day 1 already felt much better with my energy levels, hair loss has decreased significantly and my acne which has been overacting on a daily basis has died down. Thank goodness! And thank you!However I still have severe skin dryness on my lower leg, so went to see my physician to have my thyroid formally tested. He is testing for TSH, he said testing for T4 and T3 is step 2 for him so he isn’t doing it just yet. The only thing is, he is telling me that I need to get off Thyroscript otherwise I might have inaccurate results. He didn’t look at the bottle at all, but just assumed that over the counter supplements include thyroid hormones (from pigs according to him) which can affect results. I’m positive you wouldn’t put that in yours… so I’m not worried about that part. What I’m worried about is having to stop taking Thyroscript for a full month per his advice since it already is making me feel better. I’m wondering if I can get accurate testing while on Thyroscript, or if I truly need to get off it? Please let me know.Many thanks,Kelly"

Suzy Cohen – July 21, 2015:
Dear Kelly – I want to reassure you, that you are correct, there is definitely NO Porcine (pig) derived hormone in ThyroScript. It is a non-glandular formula.

Michelle – August 13, 2015:
"Hi there. I am halfway through my first bottle of ThyroScript and my energy is definitely improving! I am on Desiccated Thyroid meds (60mg) … and have been working my way up to 2 capsules of ThyroScript/day as well. TSH has dropped to 0.24 and my T3 levels have increased to 9.1. Obviously this is working!"

Jackie – August 18, 2015:
"I just recently ordered a bottle of Suzy’s ThyroScript formula and I am really happy with my results as well! I had also listened to the Thyroid Summit,but at that time it seemed that my thryoid was not really my main problem; however dealing with chronic Lyme I have gone through many different stages with the disease – last winter and early spring it was my adrenals, so I was concentrating on taking things like Pregnenolone and B5, as well as an Optimal Adrenal supplement, to try to revitalize my adrenals and get my cortisol under control too. I did the thyroid testing with both the T4 and T3 levels and nothing showed up as being a problem. However, my thyroid problems started for me sometime this spring and into this summer. I developed a really parched throat and awful pains and tightness in my neck and throat area. Finally my doctor ordered an ultrasound and it showed a number of cysts on my thyroid as well as an enlarged thyroid, so I became pretty worried and the pain was pretty uncomfortable. I had at one point in the past taken a thyroid medication and had an awful reaction to that, so was afraid to introduce anything that might make me worse. At first my doc recommended iodine, but I was afraid to take that as I might react adversely, so instead I found a basic thyroid supplement and took it for about a month this summer to see if it helped me or not. Fortunately, it did, but when that bottle was finished, I decided I would really like to try Suzy’s ThyroScript out, as it has such a unique formula including the enzyme DPPV, to help with gluten intolerance. I have a lot of allergies to things, including gluten, so that is really an added bonus. But, the best results I am seeing now are a big improvement in my dry skin and dry hair, (my hair was also falling out excessively in the shower). I now am seeing better color in my skin, as well as softer skin that isn’t dry, and the dry, parched painful throat has improved tremendously. I am even feeling more energy and was able to get out and go bike-riding for a full day, which I had not done all summer! So I am really encouraged by this, and am enthusiastic to be able to try Suzy’s supplements! I love reading her articles and learning things on her website – she has such great insight into all of these health issues – and I don’t think that anyone could find a better resource and person who can help them! Thanks again, Suzy for being a wiz at these horrible health problems, and for all of your research and intelligent solutions! You are helping so many people!"


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