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  • Vitamin C with Lavitol DHQ: You’ll receive 14 capsule of Vitamin C which is gentle on the stomach. This is a 2-week supply. ​Made in the USA🇺🇸​

    • No corn or high fructose corn syrup additives​
    • Supports iron and red blood cells*​​
    • Promotes immune function*
    ​• Promotes collagen synthesis* (for your skin)
    ​• C is highly relevant for immune regulation*
    ​• Promotes maturation of T lymphocyte cells*
     ($10.99 value)
  • How to Pick a Good Supplement Ebook: Some vitamins have more gunk in them than they do active ingredient! Not in my supplements though! If you’re curious to read the labels of your other supplements and vitamins, my ebook will come in real handy. Why put something in your body that’s harmful?! READ THIS.
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