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  • Vision Script: You’ll receive 14 capsules of Vision Script, which is a 7-day supply. ​Vision Script is made with Saffron EX 5C™ brand of saffron because some other brands are cut with cheaper herbs of the same color!!​

    • ​Made in the USA 🇺🇸 ​
    • ​No corn, soy, gluten or dairy​
    • ​Supports the retina, macula and cornea*
    • ​​​Promotes blood flow to the optic nerve*​
    • ​Enhances visual comfort and acuity*
    • ​Black currants support eye lubrication*​
    • ​Saffron EX 5C™ is clinically studied for eye health!
    • ​​No beta carotene, this contains biologically active Vitamin A

    Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules daily and SEE what happens!
     ($16.99 value)
  • Recipes for Better Vision Ebook: Certain spices reduce inflammation and support eye health. This ebook contains delicious recipes to nourish your retina, macula, cornea, lens and optic nerve!
    ($7.99 value)


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