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  • Collagen Beauty Powder: No one thinks about their collagen until it’s significantly depleted. Once levels decline with age... you will certainly SEE IT then!

    Collagen Beauty Powder™ contains as its MAIN ingredient the world's leading form of collagen: Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides.® It is the ONLY orally consumed Collagen Peptide specifically optimized for skin improvement, and it has the studies to back it up.* The studies showed Verisol led to significantly higher skin elasticity, up to 15 percent!

    Here's what Collagen Beauty Powder can do for you:
    • Significantly increase moisture* 
    • Achieve noticeably firmer and smoother skin*
    • Pretty (and strong) fingernails* from the Verisol (in Collagen Beauty Powder)
    • Delay the signs of skin aging from the inside out*
    • Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides® reduce wrinkle depth after 4 weeks*
    • The collagen source is BOVINE- hide derived

    Suggested Use: Stir 1 packet daily into your favorite drink or food. The UNFLAVORED powder dissolves easily in foods/beverages. It is not stimulating so you can take it morning or night. It is NOT suitable for vegans or vegetarians.
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  • 10 Drink Recipes using Collagen Beauty Powder: This recipe book includes 10 quick and easy drinks to add Collagen Beauty Powder to your day. Collagen is a protein we make in our body, but as we age, we lose a lot of collagen, so supplementation is important. This Ebook will give you recipes to make it delicious and easy.
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