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Sensational Smoothies for Your Thyroid

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17 Days to Better Health with 17 Smoothies that can help you:

  • Increase energy (ATP) production
  • Support mitochondrial function and health
  • Clean out stuck toxins from your colon
  • Acts as a gastrointestinal deodorizer
  • Support thyroid health and promote thyroxine

Enjoy Delicious Summer Smoothies that are goitrogen-free

To all the smoothie lovers out there, here’s a recipe book to make smoothies that protect your thyroid gland by using Thyroid Greens, a patent-pending superfood blend that is goitrogen-free.

Goitrogenic fruits and vegetables are often found in commercial green superfood powders and impair your thyroid function because they suppress iodine absorption.

Learn how to make smoothies using the right fruits, and avoiding goitrogenic ingredients that are in most recipes.

What does that do? It speeds your metabolism and turns on your fat burning switch! This can make for pretty hair and strong nails. Most of all, you will preserve healthy thyroid hormone levels.

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Ebook written by Suzy Cohen
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