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Soups That Heal

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Here's a Delicious Way to Feel Better

If you have any chronic illness or feel like you're body needs to take a digestive rest, eating soup can give your body the rest it needs to recover properly. Not all soups are good for you though.

* Some are loaded with high-fat heavy whipping cream or cheese
* Some are high in sodium from “table salt”
* Most have MSG which provokes anxiety and insomnia
* Bone broth is extremely high in free glutamate - not good!

Some soups fight against you so the purpose of this recipe book is to teach you how to make healthy, natural soup in a matter of minutes. Use medicinal herbs like ginger, garlic, turmeric, and sage -- these natural spices are unmatched by supplemental forms and transform a bland soup into delicious medicine, by the spoonful!

16 Soups that Work Better than Drugs

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