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Hypothyroidism: 5 Reasons You Don't Get Well

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Don't Get Dismissed or Placated Ever Again

There's a reason medication may not help:

  • Some medications don't work if you've been ill for more than 5 years
  • Synthroid is made of T4, and must convert to T3
  • Minerals are required for thyroid T3 activation
  • Chronic stress and depression hinder conversion

There's A Reason For Chronic Problems

Well-meaning doctors examine you, and often prescribe medication which may or may not work.

But what if the symptoms persist and you still experience weight gain, difficulty concentrating, feelings of sadness, chronic fatigue... what if your hair is thinning, or your eyebrows?

It may never occur to your physician that the underlying cause of all of these is hypothyroidism.

I wrote an ebook to help people dealing with unrelenting symptoms of low thyroid. It's something I personally dealt with in my 40's and today, I've used my knowledge to help others. Do you want to read it?

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