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Hashimoto's Food Guide to Getting Well!

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The Keys to Eating What Is Right for You

  • Learn which foods make joint pain, stomach aches, and fatigue worse
  • Find out how grain and gluten can affect someone with Hashimoto's
  • Realize how dairy will introduce foreign substances into your body
  • Discover the proper balance of carbs and sugars

Find out how you can feel better! 

As a sufferer of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis you can feel like your body is fighting against you… because that is exactly what is happening. Immune cells perceive your thyroid gland as the enemy and attack it! ⚡

The assault on your body causes low energy, concentration difficulties, difficulty losing weight, and pain throughout the body. There will sometimes be mood swings.😢 Many times it can seem like your only hope is to take expensive medications or have your thyroid removed.

But is that truly your BEST solution? Have you considered that what you're eating may be contributing? There is some misinformation👎 out there that I want to clarify for you. My Hashi food guide offers immediate help on what you should eat to calm down your nervous system, and what to avoid!

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