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The Clean Complexion Guide

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How would you like a clear, bright complexion?

  • This ebook offers 9 tried and tested natural remedies for acne.
  • ​It can help you with BOTH hormonal and bacterial blemishes.
  • ​BONUS section to help you decide if you want a "vampire" facial!
  • Find out what the 3 strongest PROBIOTICS are for skin!
  • ​Natural affordable ways to improve softness, and getting rid of blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads and oily, shiny skin.
  • ​Tips for breaking down testosterone (which men & women make). Take one secret herb 🌴to stop it from putting zits on the face. This also helps PCOS and cystic acne.  
  • ​Clay, aspirin, grapes 🍇 and green tea 🍵... MUCH MORE! 

Also get help for a dull, dry or uneven complexion. There is help in this ebook for ALL skin types. All you need is to find out how to fix the problem you're facing. Then you will 🥰 the skin you're in!

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Ebook written by Suzy Cohen
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