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The Earth's sunshine gives us D3, and some of us need more☀️

Vitamin D supports healthy bones and teeth*

It's also FANTASTIC at optimizing immune function*

Exactly, what is Vitamin D? Have you ever wondered?
Vitamin D is a fatty molecule, and it's a fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in a few foods. Other foods are fortified with Vitamin D. It's sold as a dietary supplement, and most commonly derived from sheep's wool "lanolin."

Vitamin D is transformed into a hormone in your body. The process begins when ultraviolet rays from sunlight penetrate your skin and trigger a series of complex chemical reactions. 

The Vitamin D is biologically active and useful to you if and ONLY if your body has all the right co-factors. This is why so many people take supplements, even if they lay out in the sun.

Suzy Cohen, RPh
America's Pharmacist®

Author of "Thyroid Healthy," "Drug Muggers," "Diabetes Without Drugs," and others. 

Hi, I'm Suzy Cohen...

I've been a pharmacist for 3 decades.

I studied at the University of Florida and became licensed in 1985 as a Registered Pharmacist.

Over the years, I have worked in various settings such as retail pharmacy, hospital setting, and nursing homes. At one point, I was the "Consultant Pharmacist of Record" for 9 nursing homes (over 1,000 patients).

I'm also the Author of numerous holistic health books, and co-hosted The Thyroid Summit, an online event.

Today I create and formulate unique, customized supplements and hold 4 fully patented formulas!

Imagine this experience going into your formulas!🙌

A Natural Approach to Healthy 🦴Bones & Joints

Vitamin D is converted in the body to a hormone which is responsible for improving the absorption of phosphorous and calcium from your intestines, and this is important because those minerals nourish your bones.

Deficiencies of vitamin D can lead to softer, thin, brittle bones, which may result in catastrophic hip or knee problems.

Without adequate vitamin D, your body absorbs only 10 - 15% of dietary calcium from your meals. With sufficient D, your intestinal calcium absorption increases to 30 - 40%

Imagine how that feels to your bones! Really, really good!

More than 40 million people deal with bone mass problems, according to statistics collected from the "National Institutes of Health"

Aside from D's ability to support healthy bones and joints, there is a rush to buy Vitamin D due to its immunosupportive benefits. But there's more.
Take a look at what else D does for you...

It enhances beautiful skin*

It optimizes DNA health*

It supports heart rhythm*

It promotes joyfulness*

It maintains calcium levels*

It supports healthy teeth*

It's important to muscles*

It impacts gut microbiome*

Introducing a fresh idea - Vegan D3 by Suzy Cohen, RPh

Vitamin D is essential to healthy immune function.*

This is a vegan, plant-sourced bio-identical form of D3.
It is cholecalciferol!

It addresses many aspects of immune system parameters, in terms of structure and function.*
And so much more!

Order Vegan D3 Today!

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VegaDELight® D3 from Cladonia Rangiferna 

A natural source of natural Vitamin D3*

The special type of Vitamin D3 used in my formula comes from a U.S. sourced, trademarked brand called VegaDELight® and it is plant-based. Cladonia rangiferina is a moss that is also known as reindeer lichen and grows in both hot and cold climates. 

It is native to the alpine tundra and is sustainable. It is 100% certified vegan. The Vitamin D is a bio-identical form of Vitamin D3 that your body understands. It is kosher, nonGMO and gluten-free. An important advantage of this D3 is that it does not come from sheep or sheep wool. 

Here's why you want this Vitamin D

  • The capsules are small and convenient to take
  • You do not want animal-derived products
  • You're trying to upgrade all your formulas
  • You are sensitive to artificial colors and fillers found in other brands
  • You are vegan or vegetarian
  • You do not want lubricants like stearates in your vitamin D3 (it's like bubble wrap)

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