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Support Healthy Immune Function*

For centuries, people relied on Earth's herbal gifts🌿 to provide what we needed for our survival. 

And in a perfect world, we'd have a resilient immune system by doing this:
Not smoking.
Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
Exercising routinely.
Maintaining a healthy weight.
Not drinking excessive alcohol.
Sleeping soundly.
Washing your hands and not touching your face!

But what if that isn't enough right now?😷
Aren't there herbs and remedies that are known to support immune function? 

If you were to float through your bloodstream, do you know what's supposed to be there?

What's NOT supposed to be there are the microbes!
Bacteria * Viruses * Fungi * Protozoa * Worms

It's supposed to have red blood cells that transport oxygen, and white blood cells that come in all of the followingdifferent shapes and sizes:

Macrophages: These swallow bacteria and harmful agents.
Alveolar macrophages: These are in the lungs where respiratory viruses have a strong affinity.
Lymphocytes (B cells and T cells): The T cells are specially good at fighting viral infections and coordinating the attack. Your B cells make antibodies to protect you from repeated infection.
Neutrophils: First on the scene! Also called granulocytes because they dump granules out to kill invaders.

These are all normal components of your bloodstream.

No one thinks about their immune system until it’s burdened. Don't ignore your immune system. You can support yourself now with a unique blend of nutrients that have a long history of use.

Meet the Formulator
Suzy Cohen, RPh

America's Most Trusted Pharmacist®

I've been a pharmacist for almost 30 years and Functional Medicine practitioner for over 25 years.

You may have seen me on The Dr. OZ Show, as well as The 700 Club, The View, The Doctors and more.

Here are some of my holistic books to help you with other conditions. You might also read me in your newspaper. I am a syndicated columnist too :-)

Imagine this experience going into Immune Script🙌

The world has changed dramatically - What is the new "normal"? 😬



Introducing Immune Scriptâ„¢ by Suzy Cohen, RPh

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Note: Not recommended if pregnant or nursing.

Please ask your health-care practitioner if this supplement is right for you.

Here are a Few of the Clinically Studied Ingredients in

Immune Script

EpiCor® Dried Yeast Fermentate 500mg

Helps activate Natural Killer (NK) cells*

EpiCor® is a patented, clinically proven immune health fermentate derived from yeast. It is rich in immune-loving beta glucans. EpiCor® helps increase secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA) in human saliva.* One critical key for staying well is to ward off pro-inflammatory responses in your GI tract. EpiCor® helps maintain a normal inflammatory response in your GI tract.* In addition, EpiCor® acts as a prebiotic, which helps explain its role as an immune system strengthener.* Furthermore, EpiCor® begins working in 2 hours.*

Olive Leaf Extract 200mg

Healthy Immune Function*

Olive oil and olive leaf extracts (OLE) have long been known to have medicinal virtues for human health. Olive leaf extracts have been utilized for centuries in Europe and the Middle East and are useful to your immune system thanks to two powerful immune-supportive compounds: Oleuropein and Calcium Elenolate. OLE has been shown to increase Interferon gamma production, which may be associated with higher amounts of "natural killer" cells. Finally, OLE supports T-helper cell function.*

N.A.C. ~ N-Acetylcysteine 200mg

Supports Glutathione Production & Lung Health*

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) is important for 2 reasons. First, it is required to produce intracellular glutathione, a major antioxidant in human health.* Second, it is a natural mucolytic, meaning that it helps loosen and thin mucus in the airways, which promotes a healthy respiratory tract. This amino acid is useful in terms of supporting optimal mucus clearance, which, in turn, supports healthy respiratory function.*

Andrographis Paniculata (Indian Echinacea) 200 mg

Liver function and Immune Support*

Native to Asian countries and India, this plant-based extract provides various "andrographolides." Many studies point to its hepatoprotective effects as well as its ability to help maintain a healthy inflammatory cellular response.* It also helps with immune function and upper respiratory tract health.* 

This herb may also help with brain function.* Furthermore, it plays an active role in mitochondrial health, as well as providing DNA protection from oxidative stressors.*

Skullcap Root (Scutellaria baicalensis) 100mg

Supports macrophage activity*

Although the root extract is in Immune Script, the flower is shown because it is so exquisite! Chinese Skullcap is known to be extraordinarily rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.* Two constituents are Baicalin and Baicalein, which confer many health benefits, especially a healthy inflammatory response.* The inclusion of Skullcap Root may specifically benefit the lung cilia, which help maintain upper respiratory health.* 

Although Skullcap Root can induce relaxation or drowsiness in certain individuals, there is only 100 mg per capsule, so be sure to see how you respond before operating machinery or driving. 

Trans Resveratrol (Polygonum cuspidatum) 25mg

Modulates Healthy Antioxidants & Cytokines*

Polygonum cuspidatum is a good source of "resveratrol." It has wonderful benefits, especially when it comes to promoting a healthy inflammatory response in the body.* Resveratrol is thought to support and protect the ACE 2 receptors and endothelial cells inside your body.* Resveratrol provides powerful antioxidant benefits.* It has been studied in many groups of people, and there are hundreds of in-vitro and in-vivo studies. Some people think a glass of wine provides enough natural resveratrol, however, supplementation provides a higher amount.*
This compound may cause slight relaxation and drowsiness.*

Theoretically, you could buy each ingredient individually if you wanted to.

Trouble is, it gets very pricey.Some products aren't fully vetted by their brand owner.

There's synergy in 1 formula🌟And I certify it's cleanliness.

The primary function of your immune system is to protect you (the host) from environmental antigens, such as microbes or chemicals. This is achieved ONLY by your immune cells being able to recognize 'self' from 'non-self.'

Immune Script is Synergistic!  

  • Formulated for your GI tract and Immune System
  • Microflora support by EpiCor® that is clinically proven*
  • Manufactured in an American FDA-inspected facility according to strict GMP regulations. Third-party tested!
  • Botanical formula plus N.A.C. for healthy lung support*
  • EpiCor® acts like a prebiotic that begins working in 2 hours*
  • Dairy, Soy, Egg, Lactose, Corn, Nut, and Gluten FREE
  • Contains NO stearates or machinery-lubricating ingredients

Immune Script is 💪Powerful & Fast💨

Take 2 capsules at bedtime for peace of mind.
More may be taken: 2 caps Twice Daily, if under stress!*

Please watch "What Makes EpiCor Different"

Unlike other immune ingredients that are concentrated extracts or chemically synthesized compounds, EpiCor® is a natural complex ingredient that enhances immune function.* Multiple published human, animal, and in-vitro studies show that EpiCor® has several modes of action that support many aspects of immune health.*

EpiCor helps strengthen your body’s natural defenses to nourish the natural beneficial bacteria of your digestive tract.* This brings balance to the immune system to appropriately respond when challenged.

When taken daily, EpiCor® is an effective way to optimize your immune function year round.*

Immune Script™ by Suzy Cohen contains as its MAIN ingredient the world's leading form of dried yeast fermentate: EpiCor®
This is the ONLY patented product specifically optimized for immune support and GI wellness*

EpiCor® has been studied and shown to directly activate Natural Killer (NK) and B cells in an in-vitro study of immunomodulating effects of EpiCor®. Furthermore, EpiCor® reduced the formation of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) in a laboratory assay and also appeared to affect the immune system signaling pathways.*
This is important for immune adaptivity and full function.* 

Immune Scriptâ„¢

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I'm confident that you will love this formula after the first application!

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