Thyroid Script

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Promotes healthy THYROID and ADRENAL function*
Directions: Take 1 or 2 capsules with breakfast. Most people take Thyroid Script during the day, however if drowsiness occurs, it is from the ashwagandha. In that case you should take it at night for better rest*

  • Unique blend of herbs and nutrients to activate T3 conversion*
  • Non-glandular formula promotes metabolism and a healthy weight*
  • Contains DPPIV enzyme to reduce absorption of dietary gluten and casein*

    Q:  Can I take both HashiScript and Thyroid Script?

    A:  Yes, if you would like to. Thyroid Script supports healthy levels of thyroid hormone, as well as adrenal gland function.*  HashiScript is an iodine-free blend of digestive enzymes and antioxidants that support healthy levels of peroxide.*  If you decide to take both these supplements, take ONE of them first for several weeks until you feel comfortable, then add the other supplement in.* 

  • Not everyone needs both of these supplements. As for dosage, begin each product with just one capsule and increase to two caps if desired, or directed your practitioner.