Radiant Creamy Cleanser 3oz (Large)

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Radiant Creamy Face Cleanser with SymRelief® is for gentle cleaning of the face (and/or body), offering hydration and anti-redness benefits. This formula is rich and creamy (but not foamy). Every use heals your skin and softens it instantly. A very small amount is needed, 1 tube could last 6 or more months, even if used twice daily!

This custom formula is soothing and effective to wash sensitive skin and contains exclusive anti-redness, moisturizing, hydrating ingredients. Think of this as a clinically active healing skin formula that is applied to your face, and as a side note it cleans off make up and impurities! 

Fragranced naturally using plant and fruit extracts like blueberry, cucumber, citrus and florals. Refreshing, hydrating, anti-aging face cleanser - exclusive to my line and custom formulated. 

For Cleansing: Wet skin and massage over face, then rinse. Use as often as desired. 

For a Mask: Apply to moist skin and let dry. Rinse off with hot wet towels (or in a relaxing hot shower). For additional healing and anti-aging benefits, follow this with Collagen Beauty Peptide Serum, and your favorite moisturizer.