Collagen Beauty Powder - 15 STICK PACKS

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When you order a quantity of ONE, you're ordering 15 Stick Packs!
CAREFUL - if you click the plus sign (+) MORE THAN ONCE it will add multiples of 15 to your cart.

Directions: Stir 1 packet daily into your favorite drink or food.
The UNFLAVORED powder dissolves easily in foods/beverages.

Collagen Beauty Powder is UNFLAVORED šŸ‘

Significantly increase moisture* ā€Ø
Achieve noticeably firmer and smoother skin* ā€Ø
Pretty (and strong) fingernails* from the Verisol (in Collagen Beauty Powder)
Delay the signs of skin aging from the inside out*
VerisolĀ® Bioactive Collagen PeptidesĀ® reduce wrinkle depth after 4 weeks*
The collagen source is BOVINE- hide derived