The Pathways on a Keyring (Medication Induced SNPs)

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This resource is mainly for PRACTITIONERS and GENE-SAVVY CONSUMERS! 

My research over the past 25 years on medications combined with my understanding of metabolic pathways has allowed me to create the world's first (and only) visual guide to help you see how medications you take block pathways and genes.
You may be inducing a SNP and upregulating or downregulating gene expression with every pill you take. My laminated booklet contains 13 pathways with all the medications printed at the level of the gene and nutrient cofactor. 
It's easy to see. If your patient comes in and says they take a statin for example, you can visually see how that blocks selenium uptake which GPX needs to make glutathione. Another example, diuretics block B6 preventing methylation. 
The benefit to practitioners is you can quickly see what medications your patients take, and know which cofactors are impacted. This allows you to switch therapeutic categories, or discontinue a medication. If you heal your patients faster, they will spread the word about you. No more shooting targets in the dark, and medicating patients with various drugs when you can simply restore missing cofactors! 
The benefit to consumers is great if you have your gene report, and your medication list. You can see how your drugs impact your pathways. You may NOT even have a SNP in a pathway, but if you take one of the hundreds of medications that I list in this booklet, you have created a SNP. 
Pathways Included
Folate & Methylation
Methylation & Transmethylation combined
Transsulfuration & Glutathione
Glutamate to GABA
Neurotransmission: Catecholamines
Neurotransmission: Serotonin
Biopterin Recycling
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